How do I get accented characters in Windows 10

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In previous versions of windows it was possible to type accented characters (like 'é') by pressing the quotation mark key ['] followed by the letter [e]. I was wondering whether this was still possible in Windows 10 and how to enable this. I have my keyboard language set to English (US), which used to be enough to enable this, but apparently it isn't anymore.

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You can try adding a keyboard input method.

Launch the settings page "Region & Language settings" (one way is to press the Windows key then enter that text in the search box). On the right side you'll see a section called "Languages" with at least two items under it: "Add a language" and your current display language. Click the second item, your current display language -- mine is "English (United States)", for example. You will see a new set of three buttons appear; click the middle one, labeled "Options". From here you can select "Add a keyboard". I chose to add "United States - International".

Press Windows+Space (hold down the Window key and press the spacebar) to switch between installed keyboards. (The old shortcut of left-Ctrl + left-Shift also seems to work.) Even on a stock US keyboard, the "International" variant lets me compose compound letters by pressing, for example, the quote key ['] followed by a letter [e] to create [é], as you described.

Other combinations are possible; this feature seems mostly unchanged since Windows XP. More examples can be found at

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