Daily freezing on Windows 10

Since installing Window 10 5 days ago my computer freezes at least once daily, if not several times.  At first I thought it was Chrome, but Edge did the same thing.  Also, after the screen saver (pictures) was on for a while, it froze on one picture.  It seems to be moving from one "app" to another is the culprit.  I can reboot it by holding the power button, although I hate to do that.  However, I have used that tactic at least twice a day or more since installing W10.  That does work.  Additionally, the computer has seemed sluggish.  Hoping for updates to solve this (?)

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Same here, though not sluggish. Do you have the latest VIDEO drivers? (NVidia, AMD, Intel as applicable)

*I think WAITING is likely the only thing you can do other than some quick workarounds, however try hitting the WINDOWS key as that unfreezes my computer. If that doesn't work then try using CTRL-ALT-DEL then logoff and on again as that's preferable to forcing a shutdown.

Many have the same problem so it's likely related for most people. A VIDEO driver issue is suspected so likely the GPU companies are working with Microsoft right now to track down the issue or issues. I also had no major issues with the Technical Preview though that's not only a clean install but also not using newer video drivers, or the latest version of Windows so I'm not certain if a CLEAN install would even work at this point.

So I'll wait for now, but hitting the WINDOWS key is no big deal for me though I'd be annoyed if I had to reboot.

**I would NOT have upgraded this early and told everyone to wait THREE MONTHS. In my case I help people with PC problems so I had to install it though I have another PC still using W8.


My PC was extremely sluggish at first because it had defaulted to basic Windows video drivers. When I installed the latest NVidia drivers it became very responsive. 

Thanks for the info.  The Windows key does not seem to solve it.  CTRL-ALT-DEL was the first thing I tried, with no result.  I will try to figure out the video driver question.  Already this morning had to force shutdown twice!  Very frustrating.

I decided to do a CLEAN INSTALL. I'm getting ready right now and it's a HUGE hassle to remember all passwords, mod setups for Skyrim and other games etc. so I'm taking my time and planning it out in a text file.

Normally I do a clean install but W10 upgrade requires an upgrade first. Now I can do the clean install.

I decided not to wait for Microsoft or whomever to solve the freezing issue as I always intended a clean install since I've been running for three years and had a few viruses that I cleared, other issues etc.

I do know my clean install of the Tech Preview was NOT freezing and I used that for several months. So it may be a conflict with existing software from upgrading.