Lotus 123 Will Install On A Windows 10 (64bit) Computer

If you are having issues installing Lotus 123 on to your Windows 10 computer ... try this work around:

How to use the CD to install to workaround the error.

    1. From the Windows taskbar, choose Computer --> find the SmartSuite icon in the CD/DVD drive.

    2. Right-click the SmartSuite icon and choose Explore, or open in new window, to display the files included on the SmartSuite CD.

    3. Navigate to setup.exe, right-click setup.exe --> choose Run As Administrator.

    4. Double click on setup.exe

    The install should begin without error.

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Didn't work - Error 1006

Any other suggestions (didn't have any problems in Windows8)

Strange ... what version of Lotus are you trying to install?
Tried the 2 releases I have - 9.7 and 9.8.1 - same result for both - tried autorun and "run as administrator".
Just got Lotus to Install - had to copy (xcopy *.* /s at command prompt)  the disk to C: and then ran setup.exe - installed just fine. Thanks for your suggestions.

I would like to run Lotus 123 (version 5.01 for Windows) on a new computer (Windows 10; 64 bit).  This software ran successfully in Windows 7 (32 bit), and possibly would run on Windows 10 (32 bit) also.  I know that the software is very old, but it was the last version of Lotus 123 which accepted keystrokes, and for that reason I never upgraded further.  I have tried to follow the suggestions from others above to no avail.  Like everybody else I have a lifetime of programs written in Lotus 123 which I want to keep operational.

You may need to try and track down a "newer" lotus version ... i.e. 9.8 ... there were a number of Y2K, etc updates in it which may be causing you issues. 

FYI - 9.8 does allow for key strokes ... I still use "/cd" every day.

you guys totally rock!

Actually, though...........hoping to install the original Lotus 123 from floppy diskette. Customer really wants it on either Windows 7 Home 64 or on Windows 10 64.

(....and I thought I was an oldie cause I started with the Commadore64 and (eventually) Amiga1000)

Many thanks to DavidCoulter001.  I have successfully installed Lotus 123 from a Lotus SmartSuite Millennium edition (release 9.5) disk onto two computers running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit).  This software was released in 1999.  I had not succeeded with an earlier release (from 1995), but the later version installed without any problems or work-arounds.  Very old Lotus 123 files (*.wk1) do not read into release 9.5, but it is simply a matter of upgrading these to (*.wk4) on my old computer (Windows XP, 32-bit) first.  With a big investment in Lotus 123 over many decades in terms of Lotus files created, macros written and my general fluency in the software, I was very relieved that I still have Lotus 123 as my primary spreadsheet program to this day.
Help. I get the install to start but it wants to do the install on the DVD drive and I cannot change it to another drive. Part of the problem could be my C; is a SSD drive.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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