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Windows 10 - Internet Slow

MichaelVolk23 asked on

I installed Windows 10 last night. No issues with the install.

Since the upgrade the internet connection is now really slow. It's taking 30 seconds or longer for a page to load and video is very choppy. Doesn't seem to matter what browser I use. Looks like all other programs run normal. I've tried Office, iTunes, Calculator. I've run MacAfee virus scan twice. And I've also noticed that the System Idle Process is averaging in to 90%s of CPU. I've only had the computer less than 1 year.

Need some suggestions.

My system:

HP Pavillion 17 Notebook

Intel Core i3-4000M at 2.64GHz

64 bit


Thanks, Mike

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Prabhavathi Patil replied on

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Office Community.

I would suggest you to update the driver using the steps provided and check.

You need to have the exact driver installed for the device to work properly. Probably, you can locate a driver by following the steps provided. If you are able to locate the driver, you may download and install to check with the issue.  

a. Press Windows key + X and type M to open Device Manager.

b. Right Click on the WIFI device & Select Update Driver Software

c. Select browse my computer for a driver software

d. Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

e. Select the driver option according your device model and install

You may refer the steps mentioned in the article “Wired and wireless network problems” and follow the steps.


Note: Article holds good for win 10 as well.

You may also refer to “How do I fix network adapter problems?” if the issue still persist


Hope these information helps, please get back to us for future support, we’ll be glad to assist you further.

Thank you.

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krishnan6789 replied on

Hi Prabhavathy patil

I too have the same slow internet problem after upgrade(HP pavillion core i5 and 8GB RAM).I upgraded to windows 10 yesterday.After that everything was fine except for internet.It took close to 10 to 15 seconds for searching "HI" in google in chrome and firefox.Edge takes even more time to load pages compared to chrome and firefox.My broadband has a download speed of 20 mbps and my phone is working properly.i tried many things mentioned in internet such as resetting,restarting ,checking whether i have the updated ethernet driver and many more....But the problem persists.I gave  " not satisfied " in the feed back form of windows 10 and posted my problem in the sugestions.(not sure if they will see and retuen back).

I tried to update the driver as you have mentioned in your above post.After checking for some time,it said that i have the most recent(updated) driver installed in my machine.BTW the two links that you have provided does not have any information.Please let me know if any other way to fix the issue.Since i have only one laptop,this slow internet connection is pissing me off....

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