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VPN Server on Windows 10 not Working

B_David asked on

I am trying to host a VPN server on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro x64 following the instructions in this video

When I try to connect to the server on localhost, I am unable to do so. Here is how I have my VPN server configured.

The user with the name "VPN Server" is the account that I want to use to connect to the server. No user account with such a name exists on the computer. It is specific to the VPN server.

Whenever I try to connect to the server locally, here's what happens.

What's the problem and what can I do to resolve it? I know nothing about configuring VPN servers, so I do not know what information I posted will be helpful and what is a waste of space.

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Windows 10 uses the same method as the previous versions of Windows. However, Windows 10 appears to have a bug. It becomes clear when you do this:

  1. Delete any existing incoming VPN connections.
  2. Reboot the machine.
  3. Create an incoming VPN connection.
  4. Type this command in a Command Console:
    netstat  -a  |  find  "1723"The command should report that the machine is listening on port 1723. Your VPN server is now working.
  5. Shut down Windows, then restart it.
  6. Try this command again:
    netstat  -a  |  find  "1723"
    The command will probably report nothing about port 1723. Your VPN server is no longer working.

The problem appears to be caused by the Windows 7 "Fast Startup Option". You can disable it by following this path:
Control Panel / Power Options / Change what the power buttons do / Change settings that are currently unavailable / remove the mark from the Fast Startup tick box.

Your VPN server should now survive a reboot.

BTW - Multiposting is frowned upon in these forums because it leads to duplication of effort. I suggest you either remove your duplicate post or include a link to this thread in it.
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What exactly do you wish to achieve with your VPN?

What do you get with this command when you run it from a Command Prompt on the VPN host?
telnet  %ComputerName%  1723

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