Networked PC's are no longer viewable in File Explorer Network after the Win 10 Update 1511.

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After the 1511 Win 10 Update, I have a problem with viewing my two networked computers. Both PC's run Windows 10 Pro and are in the same workgroup.  Before the 1511 update, all was great with my private network. After the update, the computers were no longer viewable in the File Explorer Network. I tried changing the computer names to all uppercase to no avail. Finally, I removed the numbers from one PC's name which did nothing. I tried many things and rebooted too many times to no avail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the network adapters; MS Client for MS Services and File and Print Sharing on both PCs. I have restarted my router multiple times.

What I have now is PC1's File Explorer Network shows PC 2's Public Folders which are accessible, but File Explorer Network does not display PC1, see attached picture. 

If I change PC1 to the default workgroup,  WORKGROUP; then it appears under File Explorer Network like PC2's shown in the following.

PC2's File Explorer Network shows both PC1 and PC2 under Network, see attached picture. I noticed that PC1's Network and Sharing Center has Network 2, but PC2's is Network, see attached picture. This worked prior to the 1511 Update.

Here's the Network and Sharing Center for both PCs:



I would appreciate anyone that could help fix what the 1511 Update broke. Thanks! 

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