Network Setup for Dynamic IP Addressing

"Network Setup for Dynamic IP Addressing"

If you have network issues or are using the outdated or inconvenient Static IP Addressing method having to assign the IP Address Manually, Using Dynamic IP is a trouble free solution with stability.

Simple Guide for setting up your Modem/Router and your PC's for Dynamic IP WAN.

Usually to access your Modem or Modem/Router, open a browser and type in the following address:

If you can not access your Modem, then look in your Manual or search the web for your modem and model number for the access address.

If you have a separate Router connected to your Modem, then you will also have to have a User Name and Password to access the Router to set up Wireless Connections. See your Router Manual or search the web for answers to access it.

If your Modem is set as shown, then you should not have to do much of anything in your router except to obtain the Wireless Encryption Key to enter into your wireless devices to connect them.

If you use (WPS) Wireless Protected Setup, then you will have a PIN#/Password Key that you will use to connect your wireless devices. This can be located on the bottom of Modem/Router or Router.

You will usually have a button on Modem or Router to turn it ON/OFF. Or you can turn some ON/OFF in the Modem or Router Settings.

WPS is more secure than the standard WPA-WPA2 Encryption Key method.

WPS provides an easy and secure way to establish a wireless network by sharing the wireless key between the modem and wireless clients.

SSID: If you can not discover your device to connect it, then the SSID may be hidden. Go into the Modem/Router or Router, and in the Wireless Settings, select to "Show/Unhide" the "SSID",

Reboot Modem/Router after making Changes and also Restart All PC's and devices connected to the Network.


DHCP: Enabled

See the device table in the "RESERVATIONS LIST" These assigned IP address from first connection will always be the same for each device. "Wired LAN or Wireless"

***WAN: PPPoE - Dynamic IP Addressing - DNS Type: Dynamic DNS***


DNS Host Mapping: Disabled

Dynamic Routing: Disabled

Static Routing Disabled

Device Table:




Now, all those PC's and devices in the table, not all shown, have had the same IP Address since they were connected. "THEY DO NOT CHANGE" you can come back 3 years later and connect any one of those and they will connect immediately with the same IP address assigned in the reservation list in device table.

Always Reboot your Modem/Router and restart all PC's/Laptops after making Network changes.

This is how 98% of ISP's will configure your Modem settings by default for Home Internet Service when you connect your service the first time or on a refresh of default settings by you or them.  

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