Q: Windows 10 set display resolution to 1920x1080?

Windows 10 set display resolution 1920x1080?  From one minute to the next I lost the ability to change the monitor resolution.  Now I have a Play-skool computer.  Is there a better Windows driver that supports higher resolution?  Everything was working fine?



Is it an AMD System? Customers with AMD Graphics card in their system are encountering similar issues.. 
Go to Device Manager by typing in Devmgmt.msc in Run dialog box. 
Navigate to Display devices and right click ATI Radeon HD. Choose Properties. 
On the Driver tab, hit rollback Driver to go back to the previous version. 
The next step would be to block Driver updates from Windows updates. For this, 
Option 1:
Option 2: Use the show hide tool. As soon as the new driver is detected by WU, hide it. Steps are here:

Also, KB4055254 (if applicable) can also be a root cause. If the above steps don't help uninstall the update: 

And hide the update using the Option 2 I mentioned.Also, KB4055254 can also be a root cause. If the above steps don't help uninstall the update:

And hide the update using the Option 2 I mentioned.

Let us know how that goes...

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Ok, I figured out how to restore the old version of the ATI Radeon HD3200 display driver when the Rollback Driver button is not available.  Here's what I did:

1. Download DriverStore Explorer from

2. Unzip and run DriverStore Explorer (Rapr.exe). The application displays a list of drivers stored in the \Windows\System32\DriveStore\FileRepository folder. On my PC, under Display Adapters are listed 3 AMD display adapter drivers:

c0317758.inf   version=  date=7/25/2017

c0317757.inf   version=  date=7/25/2017

c7179335.inf   version=8.970.100.9001  date=1/13/2015

3. In DriverStore Explorer, click Restart As Admin, select checkbox beside c0317758.inf and c0317757.inf, then click Delete Package.

4. Start Device Manager and uninstall existing ATI Radeon HD3200 display driver.

5. In Device Manager, select Scan for hardware changes; the old AMD display driver from 1/13/2015 should be re-installed allowing you to properly set the resolution of your display again.

NOTES: The AMD display driver should support all ATI Radeon HD3000 & HD4000 series display adapters.  Since the drivers are provided by AMD, the fault for the problem likely resides with AMD and not MS. However, AMD may have intentionally removed support for the HD3000/4000 from the latest driver for some "unknown" reason.


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