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Windows 10- Canon MF4350d Toolbox for scanner doesn't work

MonH. asked on
I spent about 6 hours on this. I spoke to Canon tech support and we uninstalled the old drivers and installed the updated Canon drivers and completed deleted all of the old files for the old drivers.  We did get the scanner to work with the toolbox. I was informed to be prepared that on Windows 10 with the updated drivers, the toolbox only works sometimes and won't work all the time. This in fact is what is taking place now. Does this mean I need to buy a new scanner or is there something on-line I can download for Windows 10 to enable my Canon MF4350d scanner to work.  What scanners will work with Windows 10? It's clear to me that the Canon drivers are not resolving the toolbox issue on Windows 10.
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MonH. replied on


A member here asked for the instructions I received from Canon on how to fix the scanner issue. Note that I had added/removed the drivers afew times and lost track of what was done during the phone calls. In addition, this was in 2/2016 and it is possible that Canon added on a new driver to resolve this. It was a little involved which was why I recommend emailing Canon directly. Below is what I did to fix the issue and their 2/3/16 response.

"Since you have already uninstalled the drivers and MF Toolbox then downloaded and installed the Windows 10 drivers and MF Toolbox from the Recommended Downloads section on our web site, then changing a setting in Windows 10 should restore your ability to scan.  Please follow the steps below:

1.  Right click the Windows Start button and select Run.

2.  Enter (services.msc) without the parenthesis.

3.  Scroll down look for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).

4.  Right click on it, then select Properties.

5.  Select the "Log On" tab.

6.  Select the radio button for “Local System account”.

7.  Check the box for “Allow service to interact with desktop”.

8.  Click OK."

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