Windows 10 can (sorta) run on the Raspberry Pi 3

A user called @NTAuthority on Twitter managed to run full Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform in some spare time.

It currently has all of the features of Windows 10 for ARM, but it currently only recognizes 1 CPU Core instead of all 4 cores the Pi has (just needs some tweaking), only uses software acceleration for graphics (because Microsoft didn't finish the VideoCore IV drivers, only has stubs), and doesn't have working USB drivers (other than for a basic keyboard).

However, it would be truly awesome if Microsoft decided to pour some resources into getting Windows 10 running on the Raspberry Pi 3. It is possible as shown by @NTauthority - it just needs more development time. @NTAuthority is quite busy with other projects, however, but maybe a community effort could get this through...

The terrible performance numbers (100% CPU usage) is due to it only recognizing, for now, 1 CPU core when there are actually 4 cores in the Pi, that the CPU is used for rendering the display (it can't use the GPU in the Pi yet), as stated before. However, even when the Windows desktop is fully loaded, it only uses 1/2 the RAM available. This is running on the Pi 3 Model B, and not the brand new Pi 3 Model B+ which is even faster. It can be done - just needs some work.

EDIT: Due to the USB Drivers being missing, Ethernet does not work. Drivers for WiFi are also not written.

Overall, to continue the work, it would require:

- Writing a WiFi driver

- Writing a USB + Ethernet combo chip driver

- Writing sound driver for HDMI Audio / 3.5mm jack

- Writing a DirectX for VideoCore driver (stubs exist already, only work with 1 demo app)

- Fixing the single core limitation to see all four cores (according to @NTauthority, not a large deal, just a little meddling most likely)

- Perhaps a Microsoft discount? Paying a $120 license for, well, $35 hardware is... ;)

@NTAuthority is very busy with other projects, but who knows? Maybe something could happen in a community project or something similar.
Overall, it works - but it lacks a lot of the drivers necessary to use much of the Pi's hardware fully.


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