Windows 10 absolutely will not detect my bluetooth headphones.

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A few points, PLEASE read all of these thoroughly to avoid posting answers I can't do anything with:

  • Using Windows 10 x64, the latest Creators Update
  • My headphones are Altec Lansing, model MZX300
  • The headphones work 100% fine on my Android phone, connecting instantly
  • Yes, the headphones are in "discoverable" mode, and I've tried many, many times
  • I have tried connecting via the "Connect" option in the Action Center, the bluetooth settings, and the "Add a device" wizard. On Android I don't even have to attempt to discover the headphones, they just appear.
  • I have disabled bluetooth on my phone to ensure there is no conflict. The headphones stay in "discoverable" mode (flashing red and blue light, as indicated by the instructions) until they power off due to inactivity.
  • I have checked "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC"
  • It's not a driver issue, this same problem occurs on two separate computers with different bluetooth radios (generic & realtek)
  • Both of the bluetooth-related services in services.msc - including the one specifically related to bluetooth headsets - are enabled and set to start automatically.

Why is bluetooth on Windows such garbage? Since there obviously won't be any helpful solutions posted, should I just switch to OSX?

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