Why has the MS Compatibility Center disappeared?

mlg63 asked on

The  MS Compatibility Center has been taken off the MS windows site. All my shortcuts to the site now wind up on the Windows 10 install page. This was the link 

It winds up here--

It was a very handy site to check hardware and software for windows 8 and 10. It was available earlier today and suddenly it's gone. Even the shortcuts to the Center on MS pages go to a diff page. Oops, I just checked and the links have been removed on MS pages.

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GomathiSarma replied on

Microsoft is moving towards a Windows as a Service model where we expect OS releases to happen more frequently. This means we will work even closer with our partner ecosystem in order to keep compatibility on an extremely high level. This also means that maintaining a site for compatibility for each release of Windows moving forward will potentially be redundant and unnecessary. To this end, are retiring the Windows Compatibility Center.

The way to assess compatibility of apps for consumers is to use the ‘Get Windows 10’ app, which has a customized compatibility report for each PC, and provides a unified compatibility view of a PC, its onboard devices and apps.


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kecht replied on

This is BS they need to bring it back nobody wants to upgrade to something without some kind of notice that a piece of software doesn't work on there new system plus for people that don't get the "Get Windows10" app how are we suppose to know if there will be a problem upgrading our PC or whose to say I'm not getting a new computer that doesn't have my original software what then cross your fingers and hope everything goes without too many problems I'd rather be prepared for what I am getting myself into before I'm stuck with something I'm pissed at.
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