Some Shares not accessible

Bought last december new desktop installed with W10 Home Fall Creator version 1709 including internal 0,5 TB SDD and new 4TB WD HDD.

Old computer had also installed W10. Part of LAN with Dune Duo mediaplayer, Laptop with W8.1 and 7 external HDD’s (1 Seagate, 1 Samsung and 5 WDelements – 4 2TBdisks and 2 1TB disks ). Network (Workgroup) and Dune were working fine.

The new computer recognized all HDD’s. All shared folders and files are operational on the desktop and the Laptop.

Shared folders and files on the Seagate and internal WD HDD are recognized in the Dune player and can be opened as shares ought tot do.

Shares on the 5 external WD HDD’s and the Samsung HDD are recognized in the Dune but shared folders and files will not open. Instead the Dune does when it gets no access and keeps asking for a Username and Password.

All shares (in- and external) have the same user rights (everybody, guest, user) and security rights (guest , everybody, user, system and administrator), no PW is required.

For the last month I tried every trick I could find on the Internet but nothing changes.

The only strange message I have seen is:

“Device USBSTOR\Disk&Ven_Generic&Prod_STORAGE_DEVICE&Rev_0551\000000006183&0 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.” But since this message appaears for all HDD’s (Seagate, Samsung and WD) I suspect that this is not the cause of the problem.

My question on the Dutch community was answered by directing me to WD. The answer of WD was as follows: "According to the information provided, we would like to inform you that your issue doesn't seem to be drive related but Microsoft related. The issue has been reported to the Microsoft community"

The HDD's are all driven by Microsoft drivers.

Please could you clarify what could be wrong with the mentioned disks or what the difference is between the accessible and the non-accessible disks??

And, please could you provide a solution?


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