Q: Multiple blue screen crashes on new PC. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Reinstalling Win 10 also crashes at configuration restart.

Hi folks.

My son has a brand new PC. ASUS motherbord Z170 Pro Gaming, Kingston RAM (2 x 8 GB), SSD 250 GB harddrive, Nvidia video card with 4GB on-board memory. The only thing carried over from the old PC is the old spinning harddrive as a number 2 harddisk.

The PC is just 4 days old. It was working perfectly: No errors, no hick-ups, no lacking and booted with express speed thanks to the SSD. There was a big smile from ear to ear on my sons face.

He played Mass Effect on the PC for 3 days (not 24 hours a day though) but on the 4th day it crashed in a big way with an error message that I never saw before. Any attempt to just restart the PC immidiately gave a multitude of different blue screen crashes either in the middle of a boot or a few seconds after login into Windows 10.

It was not possible to have the OS run long enough to even try launching a memory check or anything else before it just crashed again. Of course we started to look through blogs and debates on the net and most of them talks about driver problems where a driver tries to write into an address in the memory where it is not allowed to. However, we have not installed any new stuff or updated anything. It is a brand new PC. You could say yes we installed and updated everything on it given the fact that it is brand new.

How is it possible to run it for 3 days with no problem and then from out of nowhere it just decides to keep on crashing?

We eventually decided to reinstall Windows 10.

First we tried to boot from the install media and choose to repair -> crashes with blue screen and restarts endlessly

Then we removed the NVidia card (a huge "brick" I might add) from the motherboard and just run on the build in video card on the motherboard and tried repair again -> crashes with blue screen

Then we removed one of memory block from from the RAM-sockets and tried again to boot and/or repair -> crashes with blue screen

Then we swapped the one memory block in the machine with the one memory block we removed before and tried again -> crashes with blue screen

Then we disconnected the old secondary harddisk. That did not help either -> crashes with blue screen.

Then we swapped cable connection to the SSD to try another SATA3 port -> still crashes with blue screen.

Then we took out the wi-fi net card and booted again -> crases with blue screen.

Then I disabled the on-board sound card in the BIOS and tried again -> still crashes.

At this point we were getting desperate. We put the video card back into the machine and the wi-fi net card also because it obviously maked no difference. We started completely from scratch.

We booted the machine from install media and started the installation from scratch. We deleted every partition on the SSD harddisk and created new ones and continued the installation. It fetches allt he files and the installation seems to run fine. When the files are transferred the installation will say that it needs to restart to configure Windows. It counts down from 10 itself and restarts. It all looks fine that far.

At restart it says it will start to configure the OS but it seldom reaches even half a minute into the configuration before it crashes with an info-box-warning that says the installation could not continue. It does not say why not. There is just an OK-button and all we can do is hit ENTER to press that button. Then it restarts and we are back to the now wellknown dead-end circle of reboot and crashes with blue screen.

So actually we are at a point were we cannot even install a Windows 10 from scratch. If this is a driver problem then were exactly is there a driver that can cause this issue? 

I also tried to disconnect the SSD and just connect the old spinning harddisk as primary harddisk and tried to install Windows 10 on that instead but it gives the same result. 

What can I do?

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Hi Henrik,

Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am sorry to know that you are facing issues with Windows 10 installation.

I do appreciate your efforts and time, and will assist you with the issue.

Method 1

I suggest you to download the Windows 10 ISO and create a Media Creation tool and then perform Automatic Repair.

Some PCs may need long time to download Windows 10, depending on the quality of the internet connection.

Tip - If your Windows 10 download is taking too long, try disconnecting any USB devices and extended display cables that may be connected.

Refer to the section "Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool" in the link below for creating the tool.

Once you have the installation media, follow the steps: 

  1. Start your computer from the installation media. Insert the disk or USB stick and restart your computer. If you see a message asking you to “Press any key to boot from DVD,” do so. If you don’t see the message, you might need to change the boot order in your computer's BIOS settings so that it first starts from the disk or USB. When you see the 'Install Windows' page, tap or click 'Repair your computer' link to start the Windows Recovery Environment.
  2. In the Windows Recovery Environment, on the Choose an option screen, click 'Troubleshoot'.
  3. Click, Advanced Options and then click on 'Automatic Repair'.
  4. After this complete the repair and see if you are able to boot in to your computer.

Hope this helps in resolving the issue. If the issue persists, do get back to us. We will be happy to assist you.

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Hi Syed.

Thank you for replying.

I already have a Windows 10 installation ready on an USB-drive. I have used it several times in order to try and fix my issue. Whatever repair option I try to use whether that is advanced, clean up, or others they have not worked. As I wrote I even started completely from scratch and "nuked" the harddrive during a fresh installation by deleting all partitions and created new partitions and formatted the primary partition. 

It looks like it will install just fine but when it restarts to go into automatic configuration of Windows 10 it barely go beyond the Windows load-ball. It might reach 10 or 20% of the configuration and then crash again. So now I do not even have a functional Windows 10 because it crashes midways during installation.

I could of course try and use the install-USB again and boot on that but I expect it to give the same result as the 15 og 20 other times that I tried it.

I think something is wrong with the motherboard. I will try and update the firmware on it from ASUS.

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Hi again folks.

Now I tried to update the BIOS with the lastest version of the firmware for Z170-P that I could find on ASUS' homepage. It still does not solve the problem.

I moved the grafics card (NVidia) to another PCI-E slot just to try that too. It did not help.

If we take the SSD-disk and put it into the old PC then the old PC runs just fine with no blue screen crashes. The new one just will not. We are lucky if we can keep it running for 3 minutes after windows login.

As you can see from the pictures it is more than one type of fault that appears. 

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I got some new errors besides those I already mentioned.




All of them blue screen errors. It is now almost impossible to start Windows 10. I managed just once to make it run long enough to restart it in safe mode. In safe mode it will run without crashing. However, I do not know what to look for to find what is causing the crashes when it is not running in safe mode.

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Hi Syed.

Now the motherboard has been changed to a new one and had a professional hardware shop mount the CPU on to the motherboard but still the error is there. It is driving me crazy. 

Is it possible that there is an error on the ISO-file?

Kind regards,

Henrik Berg Andersen

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Hey folks,

I seem to have a quite similar problem.

The installation of Windows 10 took me a while, as my system (a completely new built PC, except the RAM, DVD player, case and power supply which ran smooth as *** for many years now) crahsed with bluescreens very often.

After the installation process, I was able to update the BIOS and install Chipset and graphics drivers - which took me again quite a while, as the computer won't run more than a few minutes until it either just freezes, or frows me one of the following (but not exclusive, I might have missed one) bluescreens:

Memory Management

Driver IRQL not less or equal

Page Fault in unpaged area

Dpc watchdog violation

Kmode exception not handled

After a bluescreen, it does not restart by itself, so usually I hit the power-button after a few minutes.

I guess it is a driver problem, as all the hardware seem to be fine, but I can not find it. At the moment, the pc freezes after around one minute of running.

Can anyone help please?

Kind regards,


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Hey guys,

seems like an old Post, but i just had the same, but i found a solution for me.

I have the Asus Z170 - Pro Gaming mainboard with 2x8GB ram ( kingston ) and an nvidia 960.

So i had this mouselag( other problem ) and i thought, well let's try to install the Official Asus Chipset drivers.

After that the same bluescreens and stuff appeared as you mentioned before.

I uninstalled the chipset driver, like it was before(i am running this system for about 2-3 months now) and now the bluescreens are gone.

So MAYBE, try to uninstall the official Asus Chipset drivers! ( i don't have any compatibility problems, only my logitech software won't work)

Greetings from Germany,


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Hi all.

In the end it turned out that everything else was in order except the CPU. After that was changed then everything we could throw at it worked fine.

An experience that took a loooong time to fix. An expensive experience. And professionals do not always have the right answer.

(sorry for not coming back sooner with that info).

Kind regards,

Henrik Berg Andersen

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Hi, I seem to be having the exact same problem.

I am 15 years old, and built my custom PC with my neighbor.


CPU: Intel i5 6600k

Motherboard: Asus Z170-A

RAM: 2x8GB DDR RAM from Corsair


SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB

I installed a fresh copy of windows 10, and the PC was running perfectly fine, for about 3 days. I had just about finished installing all my applications and drives, when my PC just crashed, and rebooted into a blue screen with an error message, and rebooted on it's own, onto another blue screen with a different error message. After this was repeated a few times, the PC went into the windows 10 recovery option, and I was able to select a complete system reset. It deleted all my files and apps, but it fixed the problem with the blue screen... at least for a day. Net day, I leave the computer on while I had dinner, and guess what, when I come back, the computer was in the continues reboot loop. Sometimes it made it to the log in screen for windows 10, but it crashed too soon before I could interact with the operating system.

Next weekend, I asked my neighbor to come over to help me fix the issue we wiped the SSD and tried to install a new copy of windows 10 via USB and CD... Blue screen

Reset the motherboard... No luck

Installed all the different BIOS of the Motherboard... Nope

Tried installing Linux... Error

Took the graphics card out... Din't work :(

Took the PC to a tech specialist... Could't fix it

At this point, we were sure that it was a problem with the motherboard, so we decided send it back , in exchange for a new one.

Motherboard arrived today, and I basically rebuilt the PC with the new motherboard and tried booting into the bootable windows 10 USB Drive... Then the same blue screen with the error message came up :(

I am so upset :(

I guess only thing that could possibly be causing all of this is the CPU, so... I will try and return it and just pray it works. 

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