How to connect and browse your Apple devices on a Windows 10 PC

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If you own Apple devices such as the popular iPhone and iPad, from time to time you might need to connect it to your Windows 10 PC running the free iTunes software in order to sync playlist, contacts and other information. One common task a lot of Apple device owners will often perform is import pictures and videos. In this article, we discuss common tips for connecting your device and ensure it shows up in File Explorer.


The first thing you need to do is ensure Apples iTunes jukebox software is installed. You can download the latest version here.

Once iTunes is installed, you can connect your Apple device. What if the device does not show up in File Explorer though? One of the things I notice with Apple devices, if the device is not unlocked, it will not show up. So, that’s the first thing I would ensure you do, if you had setup a passcode on the device, unlock it it.

If the device is still not showing up in File Explorer, you might need to Trust it. If it is the first time you are connecting the device to your Windows 10 computer or you have connected it to another computer, you might need to Trust your computer again. So make sure you do that.

If the device still fails to show up, disconnect the connection cable then reconnect it then the device should show up in File Explorer. This is also required if you are using Apple Wi-Fi syncing. You should be able to browse and copy over your pictures and videos.


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Thanks...yes I had that on my Apple Tablet "trust this device" and I did accept it. Maybe it has to do with the I Tunes that you mention. I will try that tonight when I get home. 

I volunteer my services at a hospital during the day and visit an old peoples home during the afternoon. They havent asked me to stay yet.  

Thank you for the detail message. I need that ....I am trying to keep up with technology at my age I think I am doing ok but you young people keep changing these. Where is my typewriter?

Anyway thank you again. 

Young people? You do realize the people who work at Apple, design and create Apple products are senior citizens.


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What to do if all that doesnt work?

I've removed the trusted sites from the iphone and when connecting it to the computer, I trusted the computer...still nothing.

The itunes pops up and I can sync

Ive tried different cables and different usb ports

Ive called Apple support and they say its a Win10 problem...

now what?

I have done all of the things listed and Windows 10 still does not show my iPhone 5s even though iTunes does recognize it and I sync it all the time thru iTunes. I am trying to take photos off my phone and put them on my PC; this worked just fine, i.e., Windows always recognized this phone, before the iPhone 10 update. How can I get my PC to list my iPhone as a device again? Trust this device does not show up on the phone when connected to the PC. I have connected and re-connected using different USB connections and there is no change. Thanks

I tried all above steps but the file manage still cannot show the photo in my ipad connected.

The device manager: property showed:

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There are no compatible drivers for this device.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

The hardware also showed: Device function summary:

port _#0004 .hub_#0003 device status : The drivers for this device are not installed/ (Code 28)

I worked with They tried hard to update the driver but Windows 10 fire manager cannot see the ipad.

Please advice how to see the ipad from file manager


I can't tell if the "Allow this device..." question is not showing" is just the iPhone retaining a previous "Don't Allow" selection or if it's Windows 10 needing to remove the device and "Add iPhone" or both. 

I do not recommend iTunes (world's worst) on your PC and so suggest the following for file copies and transfers:

1. If the "Allow this device..." question is not showing when you plug in your iPhone - Reset the following iPhone: Settings/General/Reset/Privacy and Location. Plug in iPhone USB to PC.

2. On Windows 10 go to Windows Settings  Devices/Bluetooth & other devices/Other Devices"/Apple iPhone AND click "Remove device" (intending to re-install later).

3. RESTART iPhone and plug in USB to PC. If the "Allow" question shows up click "Allow".  If not repeat the #2 process and "add device".

Once it asked for permission on my iphone, i clicked 'Dont allow' on accident. Now i cant connect my phone to my laptop. What do i do?
You can only download hd photos and videos @1080p from iOS devices but it will not read, transfer or copy 4K videos format. Gives errors something like x07008400 or device not found. Trust me, I’ve done everything from transfering with USB drive to buy a new Lightning Cable. 
Thank you! This answer was simple and easy to follow and actually (finally) worked!