How do I delete the unused COM ports in Windows 10?

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I have an application/product (Mimetics Jade Robot) which connects SPP Bluetooth devices to a PC.  

The connection and operation works fine BUT, there is the issue of the ports that were allocated for the product are inaccessible after the device is no longer paired.  

For previous versions of Windows, I use this process (How do I delete the unused COM ports in Windows 7?) for clearing the ports and while I can follow this process in Windows 10, the Device Manager does not show the unused com ports.  

Anybody know what the new process is for this?



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MichaelPredko replied on


*Why* would we do this and what are we supposed to do when we are in safe mode?  

Seriously, I've spent many hours on this issue and I have not seen:

  1. An error ticket number from within Microsoft indicating that somebody is at least recognized this problem.  
  2. With this, I don't see that any effort has been taken to recreate it within Microsoft.  
  3. An indication that somebody has been assigned to this problem - is this you Ramesh?
  4. An explanation of what the issue is.
  5. A description of the corrective action and why it is expected to work.  

Sorry, but "Let’s boot the computer in Safe Mode and check if issue reappears." is meaningless and unhelpful.  If you feel that it is part of a process that will fix the problem then:

  1. Provide a theory as to why going into Safe Mode will fix the problem.  Ideally, recount the work you've done recreating the problem and the various steps you've tried to fix it along with the theory as to why those attempts should have worked.  
  2. Outline the steps that need to be done.  Don't just point to some vague page on the Microsoft website and ask us to try something.  
  3. In the outline, include screen shots to showing the problem, the steps needed to fix the problem and screen shots showing that the problem is fixed.  

We're pretty smart and experienced people here; this is a problem for multiple individuals who are willing to help, but only if the suggestions are serious and well thought out.  

If you cannot provide this level of support, please enter an error ticket so it can be addressed by somebody who can.


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