Q: Windows 10 - 14393.953 has 3.99 TB bug in Disk CleanUp

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Disk Cleanup says that I have 3.99 TB of Windows Update files to be cleaned off of a 256 Gig solid state drive.  How is this possible and what can I do about it?

After reading all 7 pages of the replies, I decided to post the best answer I found:

Sounds like Windows is just doing it's thing.  AskVG has been around a long time and is quite amazing.

I proceeded to run Disk Cleanup with the 3.99TB of Windows Update Files to be cleaned.  The progress bar reached 100% after just 3 minutes (SSD with M2 connection) but Disk Cleanup did not finish.  After waiting 4 more minutes with the CPU and memory almost maxed out the whole time, I closed Disk Cleanup and started it again.  The Windows Update Files were not listed to be cleaned.

Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update as someone else mentioned.

Seems like I usually start at the end of the question and answer sessions and work my way backwards to find an answer.  Go figure.  EW

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