Q: Storage space: The disk is offline because a data integrity scan is required

On Windows 10 (1155), while doing a system image backup to a Two-way Mirror Storage space, one of the two drive failed. (not even visible in the bios anymore)
The storage space drive disappeared from the explorer.

The Manage Storage spaces control panel showed the Storage space as offline with this message: "reduced resiliency check the Physical drives section", the "Bring online" button didn't work.

I replaced the failed drive, added the replacement drive to the pool and immediately, I saw read activity on the old remaining drive and write activity on the freshly added drive.

I removed the failed drive from the pool (this took a very long time, in fact was completed only when the write on the new drive finished.

Still the “Bring Online” button didn't work, however, the “reduced resiliency” message disappeared and was replaced by a new message: “The disk is offline because a data integrity scan is required”.
I found a task in the Task Scheduler /Microsoft/Windows/Data Integrity Scan/Data Integrity Scan

The task was disabled and there was a very old last error result of 0x41303

I enabled the task, ran it which was surprisingly fast (less than 1 second) and got an error result of 0

Still the message remained and "Bring online" didn't work.

At that stage, I decided to upgrade the pool which had been created on a Windows 8.0 system.
The upgrade was successful and did bring back the message: “Reduced Resiliency check the Physical drives section”. (both drives are green there)

Still "Bring online" didn't work.

Looking in the Disk Manager however, the message, "The disk is offline because a data integrity scan is required" is still present.

Looking in the system event log, every time I click "Bring online" I see this event warning source disk eventid 51:  

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\DR2 during a paging operation.

I tried to see if powershell could help, however, the only commandlet I’ve seen were for the Windows 8.1 version and didn’t seem to exist on my windows 10

Aside from forcing an upgrade to the Anniversary Edition, I’m stumped...

After a reboot, and some wait the drive reappeared.
Looking at the task history it looks like the task: "Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery" ran on reboot for a bit less than an hour and the drive came back online by itself.

I'm happy but a bit frightened by the total lack of documentation or online resources on the subject.

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Glad to know you were able to resolve the issue. Thank you for keeping us informed.

John Rubdy
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Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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