Received a message telling me that my OneDrive Account will be removed/Deleted because I have not used it in two years - Please read


For those of you who have seen an email "from Microsoft" suggesting your account will be closed because you haven't used it in two years. Then this article will clear a few things up for you.


For those of you who have been sent an email suggesting your account will be closed. Please note that all Microsoft email notifications will be from an address with at the end.

So please look at the sender. If the sender does not have the at the end, then this email is a scam.


Step 2 - Look at the links within the email. Does it have links to the official site? You don't need to click onto these links. You can see by hovering your mouse curser over the top of them. Again, if it is official. They will point to official sites.

Golden rule is never to follow any links within an email. If they tell you to go to OneDrive, please type OneDrive's address into the address bar in your browser:

When will Microsoft close my account?

Microsoft do close your accounts. However they close your accounts because:

  1. You have violated the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use outlined by Microsoft.
  2. You have requested to close your Microsoft Account,
  3. If you have not used your OneDrive Account in over a year, - You will get a months notice before the account is closed. Note: Your Account will not be closed if you have an Office 365 subscription tied to your OneDrive Account.
  4. Your account has become frozen for a long period of time

Taken from:

What do I do if I do get a notification like this?

All you need to do is sign into OneDrive via: on the website or use the OneDrive Apps to sync content and files to your OneDrive storage Space. Just create a file after your signed into OneDrive as a test or something. Just so the system can see that you have logged into OneDrive and are using the account.

If in doubt, contact support via the ? icon and "Email OneDrive support. They have the tools needed to look into your Account.

What happens if it is SPAM or someone impersonating Microsoft?

Often, you do get people who think they can fool others by pretending to be from Microsoft or someone connected with Microsoft. Microsoft will never contact you out of no where, so if someone phones you pretending to be connected to Microsoft and you didn't request it. They are fake

If the senders email is not or  then they are fake

Microsoft has guidelines here on how to report these SCAMS and how to deal with them:


I hope this article helps you understand when Microsoft will close your account and what to do if you receive a message telling you that your account will be closed.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

And that's how it is with ALL free online-services - not only Microsoft's free online-services. If they are not in use for some days/ months, the provider can close them. Except Facebook - this service doesn't close...

The only simply way to avoid this is, to make it a good habit to logon/off the services now and then. You don't need to use them - just logon/off - then the services are still alive!!

Another excellent article that will help the 'typical' user - just as informative and helpful as your 'Finding the right support for Xbox Questions' >>here<<

I'm always referring users to that & I'm sure I'll be doing the same with this!

Can't wait fro for your next one - "Is this a scam" would be useful!

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Hey there, Taffy

Thanks for the kind words :)


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Actually I use my account daily, in that it is synced with files on my pc that are changed and updated daily. Also I logged in, on-line, a few months back to create/add two people to my family. How does that count as "not being used for two years"?


is '*** Email address is removed for privacy ***' the same as ''?

as this is the email address that sent  'Your OneDrive will be frozen on or after 22/08/2018'

it went on to say in the body of the email that I was 14.8 Gb over the 5Gb limit but I have only used 87Kb?!?


Hey there, iceb69

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. This looks to be fake then, and I would not worry about it. If your online storage is saying you have used such and such and have not gone over the limit, then the email is probably a fake trying to get you to click onto the links so they can begin extracting your online/local data,.


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*** Email address is removed for privacy ***   This is the email that sent the message 

I have one in my inbox and the email address is I thought it would be a legit URL

But, the after I click it.... I became hesitates, is this the right email and the right URL? Because my account is connected with my official working office365 account in the place I worked

If my OneDrive account is deleted, will my email (hotmail) account also be deleted? 

all as clear as mud

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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