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Hi all,

Safely remove hardware and eject media function has been the source of many frustrations for me over the years with varying Windows OS platforms. I am one of many types of persons who don't have the time to sit around and wait to test if an external hard drive to be ready to eject. At least if I could tell my device I am thinking of ejecting it and able to request it to eject at its next earliest convenience, it would be so sorely gratifying that I could go off and organise the rest of my life for the next immediate task ahead of me which doesn't perhaps involve sitting down in front of a computer, but maybe securely packing my laptop so I can head off by car or train to the local library or perhaps shoot off to my partners home to pick up on my study when I arrive at my destination.

There is usually nothing on my drive being accessed during moments of inability to disengage the drive, no lights active on the drive to indicate anything is being accessed and nothing sitting open that is accessed from my drive, however I will spend sometimes 3 seconds (when it just works) and other times 15 minutes (re-attempting over and over again), that is before I turn my laptop off and unplug it anyway when the computer turns off.

I'm running windows 10 64bit on a HP Envy DV6000 (2013), my external drive is a Seagate wireless Plus 2Tb (either connected by usb to charge and easy/familiar file access or by wifi - which when used this way has a mysterious effect of boosting my internets wifi coverage/strength marginally by a metre or less to my laptop/ipad and sometimes drop outs). Note: Plugging in the hard drive allows me to access the drives files through the normal windows platform, otherwise if I connect wirelessly, it becomes much more complicated and accesses the drive over the local network if you have it setup that way, requiring you to select the drive as your network (like a router I guess, but seems the verdict on it is still in hot debate).

I also own an Ipad pro (wifi only) which I undertake most of my engineering studies on using handwriting recognition for assessments, note taking and eText books. I access the internet wirelessly, which is the only option I have to study in the most optimal settings, otherwise I'm too distracted by my family and their life.

Anyway, I just think it would be just great for usb connected hard drives to just have an option where I could select "auto-eject" in the safely remove hardware and eject media function and it would eject at some point by itself without further computer user engagement required, which I envisage would perhaps advice you when the device was finally capable of being removed as a secondary option in case I decided in the meantime I actually needed to access something that I forgot. I have owned numerous maxtor external hard drives, seagate external drives and used several different brands of usbs and I have experienced the same problem consistently with every single device since windows 2000 pro OS and higher. It would be just nice if what I wanted it to do, would just do what I want and let me get on with my damn life. Is that so hard? Really, really grinds all my gears.


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I completely agree with you, it is very frustrating.

It would also be better if the Operating System (Windows 10 itself) can at least tell the user which processes and applications that does not allow the 'eject' to happen.



I completely %  agree!

By default Windows configures external/removable drives for quick removal (double-click drive entry in Device Manager and select the Policies tab to check).

What this does is it turns off write caching so that all data is written to the drive immediately instead of being queued and written at intervals. So theoretically you can yank the drive at any time without needing to Safely Remove or Eject it first. Sounds great, but you actually face the very real possibility of data loss if you happen to disconnect the drive when data is being written to it, especially with drives that have no light to indicate that they are currently being accessed (I speak from bitter experience of course).

So having learnt my lesson and for peace of mind I always choose to Safely Remove irrespective of the default policy (this is supposed to flush all pending writes to disk), but of course Windows for the last two decades that USB has been in existence has never, ever managed to consistently obey users when they signal to the OS that they want to eject their drives. All you get is the utterly, maddeningly non-informative message that your device cannot be ejected because it's still in use. Wow, thank you so much Windows, that is such great news! Now when, pray tell, might we be afforded the privilege to be able to eject our drives safely? Who knows - the OS certainly doesn't seem to.

Clearly this part of Windows has being coded by clueless amateurs (unpaid and overworked summer interns, perhaps?), and none of their great programmers has managed to fix things for two bloody decades. Great job guys, you want a cookie for your (non-)efforts? It just shows that they have complete disregard for their users. I mean, it took them till Vista to finally change the power management subsystem so that when users said they wanted to power down their systems, the system actually powered down. Before that, and I remember it oh so well, one could select sleep or hibernate or whatever and like any sane person expect that the system would do what you the user wanted, only to find out later when you pulled your laptop out of the bag that it was hot as heck or the battery had run down, all because the OS kept waiting around like a prize id10t for some app to close. So it took them more than a decade to fix that. USB drive ejection has remained broken for double that duration. Someone wanna bet how many decades it will take before they'll release self-congratulatory ads about how their latest Windows version is "the best yet" because it can reliably eject USB drives on demand?

(End of rant. Phew, that felt good! ;)