Editing Photos in Paint - Resolutions-Resizing, Adding Text and More

Editing Photos in Paint - Resolutions-Resizing, Adding Text and More

For XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

To change resolution:

Right click on your photo and select open with >>Paint (or more options and then select paint)

Or select Edit if you have paint set for default editor.

Now select>>Rezize

Now select Pixels and Uncheck Maintain aspect Ratio. (or leave this checked and it will Maintain the aspect ratio from your entry on either entry for V or H)

Enter your preferred size and click on OK.

Now click on the Purple small icon on top left or select the File Tab and select Save. This will save it in the same file type such as .jpg to .jpg.

Or select Save As and select a new file type to save it as. Such as .jpg to .png

To add text:

Click on the letter "A". Now click anywhere on the photo. This brings up the Text editor box.

Now at any time, you can place your mouse cursor on top, bottom, left or right side of the box's perforated lines. Or on the corners diagonally. Then you can size the box where you add the text into. (Hold left mouse button down and drag to size).

Now to move the box around and position it on the photo, place the mouse cursor on any corner of the box. Now instead of a straight line cursor for a diagonal resizing of the box, carefully place the cursor until you get a cross. (Hold left mouse button down and move the text editor box how you want it).

Now, select the color for the first color selection.

Select your Text size, font type, etc.

Start Typing in your text.

You can change the Text size and font selections, etc anytime during the process.

Obviously you make any changes in the text editor using keyboard. You can also copy and paste text into the editor.

When done in text editor, click on any area of the photo to end the Text editor.

To UNDO or REDO Changes for anything, you can use the 2 Icons on top left of Paint. Once you select the Purple Icon and save any changes, you can not undo any editing done to the photo.

I already showed you how to save them in different file types.

There is many other options for editing photos. There is the View Tab to use for more precise detailed editing. You can pretty much do anything in Paint. Simple and easy to use.

Have fun!

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Thanks for the response.

Yes, I found this edit function in Paint, but the problem is you can only resize one photo at a time.  In Photo Gallery I could select a big group of photos and they would be resized instantly with a couple of clicks.  With Paint you have to select Pixels, adjust the size, save the amendment an then do the same for the next photo, and the next, and the next .......

Go back to your Thread.

It is there on how to get and install photo gallery on Windows 10.


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