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I try to save screenshots (using wn key + prt sc) and the screen dims like it's working, but nothing is saved under any picture/screenshots folder on my computer. I searched for .png files and nothing new comes up anywhere. I've also tried it using the On Screen Keyboard (OSK) and it dims there also, but no saved screenshot. I looked at the registry keys and see this:


ScreenshotIndex     REG_DWORD     0x000002bb (699)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

{B7BEDE81-DF94-4682-A7D8-57A52620B86F}     REG_EXPAND_SZ     %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\Screenshots

What I've tried:

1.     I tried setting the screenshot folder as default by right clicking on the screenshot folder > Properties > Location tab > Restore Default. That didn't work.

2.     I've tried changing this:


ScreenshotIndex     REG_DWORD     0x00000007 (7)

to this:


ScreenshotIndex     REG_DWORD     0x000002b7 (695)

Because I read a website that said changing this value might fix it. It didn't, so did another restore default.

When I went to check what the value was just now, It has somehow changed to this


ScreenshotIndex     REG_DWORD     0x000002bc (700)

Not sure why or how it might have changed.

ScreenshotIndex is just the picture count of the screenshot you take so it will increase after every screenshot. It doesn't seem like it should have anything to do with fixing a screenshot saving issue.

3.     I also tried pasting the screenshot into paint, which does work, and I can save it from there. However, I used to be able to autosave into the screenshot folder by doing wn + prtsc before upgrading from windows 8.1, and I prefer that since it is more convenient.

4.     I also tried making a new profile and testing it. It worked. So I could transfer everything to that profile when I figure out the easiest or best way to do that, but would prefer to figure out what the heck has caused this and how it can be fixed.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

EDIT: 8/22:

I just figured this out. It wasn't due to a corrupt user profile and there is no need to make a new user profile and migrate everything.

I tried making a new Screenshots folder and renaming the old one. It still didn't work, but the screen dimmed like it was working. It just wouldn't save, but it would copy to clipboard so I could paste it into paint or wherever, just as it had been doing since the upgrade to windows 10. It ended up being the file permissions for the folder that were blocking it.

The fix if anyone else has the issue is:

Right click file > properties > Security tab > Edit (To change permissions )> Select HomeUsers > check the box for Write.

Hi Ray,

This issue could be due to corrupt user account profile.

If the issue doesn’t persists in the new user account, try to fix the corrupt user profile by following these steps:

a. Navigate to C:\Users\Corrupted_Profile_Name\. The profile name will be the corrupted profile name.

b. Copy all the files.

c. Open Control panel and Folder View options uncheck Hide protected operating system files.

d. Navigate to C:\Users\Corrupted_Profile_Name and copy Appdata folder.

Note: Do not copy these three files. NtUser.dat, NtUser.ini, NtUser.log.

e. Navigate to C:\Users\New_Profile_Name\.

f. Paste all those files here.

Hope it helps. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reply. We will be glad to assist you.

K.Z. Sharief Khan
Ex-Microsoft Forum Moderator

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