Bug in renaming a file on exFAT

There's a bug in renaming files on exFAT filesystems.

When renaming a file only changing letters to capital letters, after submitting the new name it doesn't actually change the filename at all. So this is a silent fail (and that's really bad). Only when adding or removing letters, it successfully submits the new name.

So this rename won't work:

flowers.mp4 -> Flowers.mp4

After hitting enter, it'll instantly change back to its old name.

This rename won't work either:

FLOWERS.mp4 -> Flowers.mp4

Again, after hitting enter, it'll instantly change back to its old name.

I don't understand why this is, because the F is a different character than f.

Just as is different from as well, and this change does get successfully applied in a rename. Even though they too, are phonetically identical, just like our lowercase & uppercase letters.

This bug exists only on exFAT formatted disks. NTFS doesn't suffer from this bug. What type of disk it is, makes no difference. This is a pure software problem.

Please have this bug fixed, MS devs. I do hope you're reading along.

*) Please be advised, the feedback app doesn't work for me. It requires a stupid switch to be turned on, which will compromise privacy. So long as the feedback app isn't just a damn website, I can't use it.


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