Windows update error 0xC1900101 - 0x30017

Updating from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 through the Store and it downloads starts the install and reboots. It will then reboot a few times until in finally freezes a the screen with the new blue Windows icon that has the blue dot that move in a circle. The whole system become unresponsive and does nothing. After two hours I power it down holding the power button. Again it goes back to the same screen, let it set for 30 minutes, force it off again. After a few times my Windows 8 is restored and I am given a message the Windows 8.1 failed to install error 0xC1900101 - 0x30017. Tried the process again and I'm getting the same issues. Reading online I am seeing some info for 0xC1900101 - 0x##### but none for my direct error code. Well except one blog post that had a Dell computer with the same error, but the fix was that some Microsoft Tech ran some software on their computer and then 8.1 install for them. Which is not a lot of help except to hint that it could be a software issue with my system. Any ideas what this error code means so I can start troubleshooting those parts?

Also I have some out of the ordinary changes on my system. If someone who has a strong understanding on the changes I made could help determine if they are likely the cause of the issue or if I am looking in the wrong place. First, I use multiple hard drives in my system, each different. I'm telling you this so the next changes make since. My OS is on a SSD, but I have moved the Documents, Downloads, Music, Movies, Pictures, Contacts, and Favorites folders to a different drive.  Then I created a junction for each "MKLINK -j" of those folders so the OS still thinks that they are on my SSD. I do not know at what level the junction link works and if it would be understood by the update, or if the Windows 8.1 update would even care about that. The other change is that I have 3 locations for programs that I install. First location is on the SSD that the OS is installed, next location is a high rpm HDD, third is a standard desktop HDD. Critical programs go on the SSD with the OS, games and important programs that don't benefit from SSD go on the high rpm HDD, and programs that don't need a whole lot of hard drive access are installed on the third. There is no good reason I have this setup other than I get a new hdd every 3 - 4 years, so I have built up a few and wanted to make use of them (I know the dangers of using old HDD). I also have two GPU, Nvidia. They are different chips so can't SLI. I use one as a phyx engine the other is the gpu. That is about all of the odd things that come to mind that might cause an issue.

Is anyone knows the answer, that is great, or at least any insight about this error and where to troubleshoot. I have also seen a few comments about the Windows 8.1 update having bugs due to being rushed. Does anyone have any sources that can confirm this and if my issue is related.

Thanks for reading.

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I have finally managed to install the 8.1 update.

Here are the steps.

1) Installed the video driver from manufacturer site.

2) disabled my antivirus ( AVG ). Microsoft antivirus is already disabled.

2) run msconfig.

   a) on third tab ( services ) checked the button "hide all Microsoft services"

   b) marked all remaining services and clicked "disable all"

   c) on tab "startup" clicked on "link" open task manager

   d) on task manager window clicked each one of the services and disabled them.

  e) close the task manager and click ok for msconfig.

the step 2 can be found with internet search "clean boot".

reboot and do the 8.1 upgrade.

I have 30GB space available on boot disk.

After I did again the step 2 and "undo" the disable's.

Hope this will help.


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