Windows 8.1 Update Fix - Error 0xC1900101 ID 0x30018 and 0x3000D SOLVED!

If you cannot install Windows 8.1 update, try this:

I had the 0x30018 driver error; then the 0x3000D PC settings error. 

Both are now fixed and finally the 8.1 Pro upgrade installed. All seems to work smooth on my 3.5 year old Asus G73JH laptop.

Note, before trying any re install attempt I did win btn + r and entered wsreset to clear the Windows Store 8.1 cache.

First, I uninstalled Splashtop and LogMeIn remote apps...anything that seemed to be a "deep" potential driver issue. 

Also unplugged external USB devices. Left Wireless enabled, disabled LAN and Bluetooth networks in the device manager.

Upgraded my AMD drivers to the latest stable version...and made sure windows update was current.

This got me past the 0x30018 driver freeze... Getting Devices Ready.

Next, I went to win btn + r and entered msconfig > services tab and clicked disable all btn.

This got me past the 0x3000D PC settings error and to a successful 8.1 update.

Then after doing the start up 8.1 initial settings and a reboot I went back in MSConfig and enabled all services that I disabled previously. And also, plugged back in my external USB devices.


I recently had to do another OS install on the same machine (Asus G73JH Laptop) as I meantioned above... but no go this time.

What worked for me this round was

1. Clean Win 8 Install

2. Did just one round of windows updates... 90+ then tried the store 8.1 update link button.

3. After the store download message turned from downloading to installing... I hit the win key to jump into the start menu screen and typed in control panel ... then opened the device manager and manually disabled all network items... wireless, lan, etc.

4. Then went into control panel devices and printers and removed my printer...may not be necessary.

8.1 installed with no issues. I never did update my drivers before the installation. Then after the update, I enabled all networking and updated everything.

I also updated my G750JS that uses Broadcom drivers without jumping through any hoops... so it may just be the QUALCOMM drivers used on my G73JH. ...Or something completely different.

Hope this helps,


Apologies but what does win btn +r mean, in the above.  I need to try to try the same

Thanks  Graham
Apologies but what does win btn +r mean, in the above.  I need to try to try the same

Thanks  Graham

On your keyboard... press the windows button and the r button together to get the run input field. Then just type in wsreset and click enter. This will reset your store cache so you can re-download the latest 8.1 update. Go back to your store and redownload the 8.1 update. Good to do if it has been a while since you last update attempt.
Many thanks.  So much to learn on software

Regards graham
Thank you so much!  This actually worked for me!  

I did not have logmein or splashtop to uninstall, but I did have an issue with the AMD quickstream which caused me to get error 0x80240031.   After uninstalling it, I was able to actually get past that error and get the download done; however the install failed with the error you noted above (0xc1900101 -0x20017).  

Taking your advice, I ran msconfig and disabled all services, removed all external devices and refreshed my store (wsreset.exe).  

I then went to the store and started the 8.1 download yet again.  It took quite some time and even looked as though it may have been hanging a few times but it was not - it finally was successful and I now have windows 8.1. Woohoo!lol  

Thanks again!

how to logmein or splashtop and how to uninstall the splashtop pls can i help

If you installed LogMeIn or Splashtop... just uninstall them before you try your system 8.1 update (Control Panel > Programs and Features).

Then after your system is updated just reinstall favorite for remote.

I cleaned the apps cache, then updated on windows update including optional updates until no more updates were available. Disabled all non-Microsoft services and... voila! Upgraded to 8.1.

I'm on an ASUS G73J.

Good luck everyone!

I had the same issue.  Followed your Edit and made sure to disable all the network and wireless drivers in the device manager and 8.1 FINALLY installed.  Thanks!

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