Q: windows 8.1 update error code 0x80004005

I have Sony Vaio Laptop installed with windows 8 SL
From 17 Oct 2013 , I am trying to install Windows 8.1 update from windows store. I tried to install update more than 15 times but still stuck with this error code 0x80004005.


1. I simply tried to install couple of times
2. I disabled all protection softwares stuck with same

3. I disable all stratup programs but same

4. I installed fresh windows again updated with all updates from Microsoft and then tried to install Windows 8.1 update from windows store but same error

5. I contacted to a Microsoft person he tired solve problem many times with different things but no use

windows 8.1 error code 0x80004005 



Steps for Installation on Laptop

Perform a factory restore with the help of your recovery disk or with recovery partition or call your Laptop brand. ( Do take a backup of your data)

Then after factory reset install every update from Microsoft and update driver's too before installing windows 8.1
After installing each and every update from Microsoft and updating driver begin windows 8.1 update

I have followed these steps from a Microsoft Service Engineer

I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 successfully

(Another tip for desktop users is to set your C: / drive to active)

Windows 8.1 don't support to create a recovery DVD you need a USB device at least 32GB of space)

Rupesh B S

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