MSN/Bing News bug. Disk usage over 30 GB

Kellen Sunderland asked on

It seems that the Bing News app caches photos but never cleans them up.  For me this results in over 1GB of wasted space.  Is this a bug specific to my machine, or has a cleanup function never been implemented?

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SuperFlight89 replied on

It looks like there is no cleanup function in the News app.

I would recommend CCleaner, it helps clean not only temporary files, but also app cache files.

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RobWu replied on

Did some more digging, and found the folder/files responsible for the data hoarding.

It's a folder in the user settings:


This folder contained a whopping 80.000 images with a total of slightly over 10Gb!!of disk space.

It took me several delete actions and reboots to clean the whole folder. Why it didn't cleaned it out in one go I don't really know.

After restarting the News app it took a few minutes to cache back in the default images, but no issues so far after the cleanup.

Hope it helps someone else too with this problem.


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