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eriqjo asked on

Is there a way to use 3D Builder to print to RepRaps (RAMPS or RAMBo) or is it pretty much just for MakerBots right now?  Are there any plans to expand to RepRap if not currently supported, or should I just uninstall it now?

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Anannya Podder replied on

Hi Eriqjo,

Base on my research I have found that 3D printers are already on the market and partners like 3D Systems, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, MakerBot, netfabb, Materialise, Stratasys, Tiertime (PP3DP), and many others are making 3D printing a reality for the masses.

You have to check with the manufacturer if the other printers also supports RAMPS or RAMBo design like MakerBot does.

Here is a 3D Builder app. Refer to the same and check if that helps.

Also refer to the following links:

Microsoft’s 3D Builder Comes to Windows 8.1

Video: 3D Printing with the 3D Builder App on Windows 8.1

3D Builder FAQ       

For further information you can refer to the following link.

Hope this helps. Let us know in case you need any help on issues related to Windows.

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Keegi1x replied on

There is a way to install 3d printer for RepRap, although it requires several manual steps: - has instructions how to install the SDK.

Install the SDK and locate installed file Generic3DPrinterDriverReadme.docx, e.g.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\3D Printing\Documentation\Generic3DPrinterDriverReadme.docx" 

Follow the steps outlined there to install and customize your RepRap printer.

Alternatively, just export STL files from 3D Builder, and use Cura/Slic3r/Proterface/Repetier/Mattercontrol for slicing and printing.

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