Q: Nextbook 10.1 Recovery Problems

A friend brought me his Nextbook 10.1" Quad-Core 2-in-1 tablet (EFMW101T) recently. I work in PC repair so he thought I could help him.

Problem: He upgraded the tablet to Windows 10 after creating recovery media on a USB drive. Something happened when 10 was finished installing, so he tried to roll it back to the previous version. He wasn't clear on what happened during the process, but now it's in a continual loop.

The tablet starts, and then (if the USB drive with the recovery image isn't inserted) ask for the recovery USB. It spins for a minute or two, and then says, "Restoring your previous version of Windows." It'll continue for about five to ten minutes, reboot itself, and then start the process all over again. I let this process go on for over 24 hours, and still nothing.

I tried holding down the power and volume button. It says to press the Windows key, but that doesn't work. Holding the Windows + I, and FN + F2 key does nothing.

Is there a way to get into the BIOS to get it boot from USB? If not, can this thing be reloaded somehow with a fresh install of Windows 8.1?



Hello Barry,

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As per the description, you upgraded the system to Windows 10 and now you are facing issues with Operating System, and you tried to roll back to the previous version. Unfortunately it didn’t succeeded and the system is in a continuous loop. Now you want to go back to the previous version of Windows on the system.

I certainly understand the inconvenience caused to you.

I would like to provide you with the information that after upgrading to Windows 10 you can roll back to the previous Operating System within 30 days. After that if you want to go back to the previous Operating System using Media Creation Tool, then it will be a clean installation or a custom installation for which you would need a product key to activate the operating system.

Note: If you format a partition during installation, any data on the partition will be erased. Be sure to back up any data you want to keep before you begin.

I would suggest you to refer to the suggestions provided by “Andre Da Costa” replied on June 4, 2015 in the following Microsoft Community link and check if that helps.

I hope this information is helpful.

Please do let us know if you need any further assistance, we will be glad to assist you.

Thank you.


Jayant Gupta - Microsoft Support Engineer

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Thanks for answering. However, this is not a Windows 7 laptop or desktop. It's basically a tablet wit a keyboard attached. If it were as easy as the answer in the link said I'd have had it licked in 15 minutes.

The recovery image in the flash drive is a wim file. Windows does not start at all. I only get the request for the flash drive with the image, and then line that it's restoring the previous version. I can not get into the BIOS to disable any of the UEFI settings. I'll try a USB with UEFI boot settings, but I don;t think that's going to cut it.

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I can't say 100% for sure because it varies by machine, but generally hitting F12 will get you to the Boot Options for just a single boot...

It may require hitting ESC or DEL to get to a menu...

As an example, my HP laptop requires ESC, and then F9 from the menu that comes up...

My 8" Tablet works with F12... with UEFI Bios you may need to be real quick...

You most likely do need to select UEFI USB...

You can also reinstall Win 8.1 from a Flash Drive, or use it's repair function to load a saved image for instance... IF you can find installation media...

Some tablets, netbooks, etc, come with Win 8.1 WITH BING, and that is extremely had to come by... You would most likely need a 3rd party source should it come to that...

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I literally just tapped buttons after a point.

For other Nextbook efmw101t users it'll be a **** shoot. First, there is a way to get into the BIOS, but again, it's a **** shoot.

Turn the system off. Then hold down the power button and the center of the volume control until you get to a blue screen. On the page it's say to hit the windows key to proceed. It didn't work for me. I finally got frustrated and ran my finger down the line from Ctrl to the spacebar. That brought me to a menu (6 tiles) where I could go into the bios, boot manager, etc.

With a Nextbookrecovery.rar file I found and decompressed on a flash drive from I chose the boot from file option. There's a config file there. That file finally got me to the recovery menu. I was trying for a reset. It froze during the process several times, but after 10 or so tries I finally got Windows 8.1 back.

The bad news is that the screen orientation sensor will be screwed up. You'll have to lock it into place until you can find the proper drivers.

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I've had to deal with a few systems with corrupted Windows 8.1 with Bing - not fun. It is easier to find that Nextbook's drivers though. Nextbook support told me I'd have to send it back to them because the problem is unfixable. Other than the screen orientation issues, which I solved by just locking the screen where I want it for now as it takes a registry edit to fix, everything else works.

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