Seemingly random memory_management or ntoskrnl.exe leading to BSOD in Windows 7 and 8.1

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  I have a laptop which periodically crashes on startup and/or during first use, but generally, after a few reboots, is fine.  I've had Windows 7 and currently 8.1 installed, hoping that it was a problem with the factory restore image, but alas the problem appears to be persisting across Windows versions.  I've tried running the manufacturer in-built and 3rd party memory and HD checking tools, but nothing's come up with any errors, which make me tend to believe it's driver issue at fault.

  I have the two most recent minidumps plus a MemDiag.bin (Zip of files on OneDrive) which apparently also found some problems, but I'm unsure how to debug this further.  Looking through the forum posts I've found what appear to be similar incidents (such as so I understand it's possible to debug these issues, so I'd really appreciate any input on how best to go about this.  I have a professional background in programming and product support, so hopefully I'll be technical enough to follow any instructions - just keen not to be a leech and to learn the skills to help myself and others :)

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