Q: Driver Overran Stack Buffer

I was wondering after reading similar posts if i could upload the .dmp files and have someone tell me what exactly caused this BSOD.
Just need to know where to upload the zip file.



Okay, we're seeing a *D1 bug check as we have previously. By default, the fault of the crash is labeled as tcpip.sys which is the TCP/IP Protocol driver (not the true cause). Do you have any security software installed? Antivirus, firewall, etc. If not, you may have something software related causing these crashes but I cannot see what it would be in the modules list.

At this point, I would recommend a clean install of Windows and nothing but the latest drivers via the manufacturers website (not via Windows Update or Device Manager). No antiviruses, etc. I am very weary of your Razer drivers as they are known to cause issues, so when you go for the reinstall, rather than installing the Razer drivers, leave the Windows generic drivers for troubleshooting purposes.


Debugger/Reverse Engineer.

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