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I have no clue why this BSoD started appearing, but it started just today when I booted up my laptop in the morning. It was doing fine last night, and I didn't install anything that would cause any problems - so I had thought. I've looked up instructions in attempt to resolve this issue on my own, but I haven't come across any solution that worked. I've tried downloading new driver firmware for my disk drive and system restoring to no avail. Reply swiftly please! This problem is immensely hindering my studies! :[ Please and thank you!

These are the minidump files:

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All of the attached DMP files are of the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION (133) bug check.

This bug check indicates that the DPC watchdog executed, either because it detected a single long-running deferred procedure call (DPC), or because the system spent a prolonged time at an interrupt request level (IRQL) of DISPATCH_LEVEL or above.

AVG appears to be the culprit process throughout all of the dumps, therefore please remove and replace AVG with Windows 8's built-in Windows Defender for temporary troubleshooting purposes:

AVG removal -

Windows Defender (how to turn on after removal) -


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