BSOD - BAD_POOL_CALLER upon insertion of USB storage devices

Info: Windows 8.1 on Sager NP5165 notebook
Problem: BSOD upon USB mass storage insert (BAD_POOL_CALLER)

I have a recurring and repeatable problem where whenever I insert a USB mass storage device, I immediately encounter a BSOD error citing a BAD_POOL_CALLER error. Strangely, when I insert USB devices not based on mass storage, like a USB mouse, the computer does not produce the error. Trying other things I have lying around, an 16GB FAT32 formatted flash drive, a microSD adaptor (no microSD), and XBox 360 transfer cable all error out. BUT, a optical drive or 256 MB FAT formatted USB drive does NOT error out. I hesitate to try more things since each problem device causes system reboot.

Assuming this problem resulted from recent driver updates I routinely perform, I have re-installed multiple times various versions of Intel's Rapid Storage Technology, INF Chipset Device Software as well as Management Engine Interface. However, the problem persisted through these installations. Also, the problem still arises in Safe Mode.

In the zip file linked below, I have included three minidumps resulting from the BSODs as well as a minidump after utilizing driver verification as specified in other threads. However, the computer crashed at startup when set for driver verification. Additionally, there is an MSInfo32.nfo file for hardware info as well as a log file after running system file checker.

As you can see, I've exhausted my normal attempts to fix problems like this and would appreciate any help that would be provided. My hope is that this is not a hardware problem.

Thanks in advance.

Aside from the verifier enabled dump, all of the dump files are of the BAD_POOL_CALLER (c2) bug check.

This indicates that the current thread is making a bad pool request.

If we take a look at the call stack:

6: kd> kb
RetAddr           : Args to Child                                                           : Call Site
fffff803`6510a3ca : 00000000`000000c2 00000000`00000007 00000000`00001205 00000000`04070007 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff800`013d831e : 00000000`00000000 ffffe000`12f06001 ffffe000`0f329010 ffffe000`10ddadb0 : nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+0x10fa
00000000`00000000 : ffffe000`12f06001 ffffe000`0f329010 ffffe000`10ddadb0 ffffe000`09133840 : iaStorF+0x131e

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\iaStorF.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iaStorF.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStorF.sys
Probably caused by : iaStorF.sys ( iaStorF+131e )
<-- call stack match

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0xc2_7_RstF_iaStorF+131e

^^^ Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) Filter driver. I believe you have the latest driver for your notebook considering you're on Windows 8 and on the website you only have drivers listed for 7 -

You can try Intel's website and see if it prompts that there's a latest version of IRST -

The problem with IRST is you simply cannot just 'uninstall' it. In some cases you can, but in most it renders your OS unbootable. Does Windows Update show an update for IRST if Intel's site doesn't?


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