Xbox Music App Does Not Show Album Art

The Xbox Music App (build is showing the Album Art for only about 1% of my music collection. The other 99% of the Albums are shown with the default blank Album cover. See

The Music Collection is held on a WHS 2011 system (so it is properly indexed, and the index shared with the Xbox Music App). Each Album is held in a separate folder; all the tracks for an Album have the Album Art contained in an ID tag, and each folder also has the Album Art contained in a separate folder.jpg file.

If I use the Xbox Music App to open an Album folder, then it will display the Album art contained in the individual files (see ), but it doesn't display Album Art in the main collection view.

Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center are both able to construct and display the Album Art from the tags and folder.jpg files, but the Xbox Music App seems unable to do so.

I do not have the "retrieve metadata and Album Art from the internet" switched on, simply because the quality of the metadata from the Microsoft online service is abysmal, and full of errors. I learnt that lesson back in the days of Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Both WMP and WMC are able to construct and display the Album Art from the tags and folder.jpg files, but the Xbox Music App seems unable to do so.

Is there some way to force the Xbox Music App to read the Album Art from the tags or the folder.jpg files?

Update: I think that the Album Art image files are held in the folder:C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.ZuneMusic_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\ImageCache\20

Interestingly, the majority (99%) of the files in there are of the form: <long string>_badrequest, with file size of 0 kB.


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I finally resolved the problem!

It is not problem of WinRT after all, since it calls into shell32 for getting thumbnails.

Probably I had two problems:

1. For some reason the music folders in Windows Explorer had "Display file icon on thumbnails" (under [View]-[Options]-[View]). But just removing this checkbox and cleaning the thumbnail cache with disk cleanup wizard did not resolve the problem.

2. I had dbPowerAmp R14 CD ripper installed. It had its own shell extensions. Recently the R15 was released and I had to uninstall the old version. It helped. After R15 was installed the problem was back. Shell integration code was breaking things for some scenarios.

You may try these steps:

1. Remove your folders from Windows Explorer "Music Library". [Desktop]-[Libraries]-[Music]-[Properties]-[Remove].

2. In Xbox Music [Settings]-[Preferences]-[Collection]-[Choose where to look for music on this PC] remove all other folders. Allow for Xbox Music to notice that collection is empty.

3. In Xbox Music [Settings]-[Preferences]-[Media Info] turn Off automatic image retrieval from internet. This will ensure that no artworks from wrongly matched albums would overwrite your hand-made collection which you trust more.
4. Close Xbox Music by dragging window down. Make sure to slow down at the bottom of screen and wait while window flips. It shows that program was really closed, not just frozen at the background.

5. Run "Configure dbPoweramp". In [Music Converter] tab uncheck all checkboxes in [Windows Explorer Integration] section.

6. Run "Disk Cleanup" program. Select your primary drive. Uncheck everything except "Thumbnails". Run it and it will invalidate all Windows Explorer thumbnail cache files.

7. In Windows Explorer add back your music folders back to the "Music Library". [Desktop]-[Libraries]-[Music]-[Properties]-[Add...]

8. Make sure that for all Music Library folder and all subfolders [View]-[Options]-[View]-[Display file icon on thumbnails] is NOT checked.

9. Make sure that in Windows Explorer you now see all artworks when you select large icons.

10. Run Xbox Music.

11. In Xbox Music [Settings]-[Preferences]-[Collection]-[Choose where to look for music on this PC] you may add additional folders except those that are in Music Library. I would suggest to add them to Library itself.

12. You should see that Xbox Music scans your collection in background and starts to display artworks

In your case it may be some other 3rd part soft that installed custom shell extensions. Try uninstalling it or see if it allows opt-out from shell integration.

Good luck!

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