Corel Draw X3 ruins Windows 8.1 apps


After Corel Draw X3 installation, the Windows modern UI apps dont work. Any of them, including Store. They just open and immediately close, no error messages.
If you want to try install Corel Draw X3, then make Restore point before!
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Same happened to me after installing Corel Draw X4. I had to install win 8.1 over again. The suggestion is good. Create a restore point before installing.

I can confirm this. The Corel Draw X3 installer changes the permissions of HKCR registry key. This prevents access by the modern UI apps and causes them to fail.

If you reset the permissions of the HKCR key to the state before Corel Draw installation, the modern UI apps work again.

Yes, this happened to me this past weekend.

Installed CDX3 then after awhile noticed my apps didn't work.  Took me hours to find the answer about the registry keys.  In the meantime I uninstalled a bunch of programs that I thought might be the problem, including CDX3.  

Fixed the registry keys on Sunday, and a couple of hours ago, reinstalled CDX3.  Apps quit working!  Eureka!  Googled "corel x3 permissions" to find this thread.

Here is the article you need to get back to normal:

It is being reported as incompatible

Try installing using compatibility mode

Contact Corel Support

Or upgrade to current version

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I've been looking for the cause of this problem ever since installing 8.1!  Microsoft techs even tried to fix it but failed!  I bought 8.1 Full Version and created System Restore point after every installation.  Only a couple programs I haven't installed yet and CDX3 is one of them.  The other is PCAnywhere 12.1  I don't even use them that much but I will definitely not install CDX3!  Thanks for the heads up!
Well, when I go to link (incompatible) I get green sign with message "Compatible" for Windows 8.1. Microsoft should change the rating. It works on Windows 8.1 when one installs it on Windows 8, then performs upgrade. But installation on Windows 8.1 breaks the system.
I had an upgrade to an upgrade to an upgrade.  I finally bought the 8.1 Full Version.  All is good but I'm using Publisher now instead of Corel.
Hy try to download coreldraw x3 and than restart this process.
I just bought X7.

from KB article linked above, I only had to perform one change to bring back modern apps..

1. Open regedit.exe

2. Right click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and select permissions

3. Add "All Application Packages" with Read permission (All Application Packages was missing)

File system checks were ok, other registry keys were correctly configured (but you'll probably want to check anyways).

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