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Windows8.1 pro system image backup cause error 0x807800C5 with 0x8078004F

Takeshi Sakai asked on
  1. OS: windows8.1 pro 64-bit updated(upgraded??) from windows8 pro 64-bit.
  2. HDD config:
    1. C-ssd 128gb(GPT, efi partition include).
    2. D-hdd: users directory was moved from C and symlinked.
    3. E-Data disk, D and E is located on same gpt HDD(1TB), patitioned and not include to be backed up source.
    4. Backup Images are saved on F: USB connected 2TB gpt hdd.
  3. MB:ASUS H81M-E, CPU:Intel Pen-G3220, Mem:16GB. 

I attempted as written in http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/performance/backup-error-0x807800c5/95959b0d-8f2b-4bcb-adb7-ecac48b6c239

but, Safe boot doesn't work as intended, it shows error. Unable to start systemImagebackup.

I'm suffering this problem since last week, tried everything shown on Web though NOT fixed.

The log data under the disk to be stored backup image, f:\WindowsImageBackUp\computer-Name\logs, shows ”Backup of volume
\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume2\ has failed. The mounted backup volume is inaccessible. Please retry the operation.” without double quote.

This problem is solid, means causes whenever trying systemimagebackup.

I could not find the fix of this problem on Web and it seems Microsoft doesn't provide the fix.

Pleeeeease help !!!!!

I also have Windows8.1 installed cleanly from DVD windows8.1 pro 64, it works fine.

The problem happen in case of win8.1 pro updated from win8.0 pro, the updated win8.1 also doesn't support sysprep too, but this might be no relation with my problem, however the backup failure might be the FAULT of Microsoft, should provide the fix, otherwise MS should provide Windows 8.1 pro DVD to the user who has Windows 8.0 pro DVD with free charge.


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酒井 健 replied on

RajithR, thank you very much for your support.

I'm glad to express an appreciation for this forum because I found the cause, my case is my big fault, it's there's two EFI system partitions, means it was 1st HDD and also 2nd HDD, 2nd HDD is for Linux use purpose, but so far it's not used currently, I was used it before configure EFI Windows.

By removing EFI partition from 2nd HDD, System Image Backup could be completed without any error.

Thank you so much for the people supporting me.

Takeshi Sakai

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