Q: Suspected BSODs on Windows 8.1 0x00000133


I suspect my computer is BSODing while I'm away. Usually when I leave the computer for a moment I make it sleep but it seems to wake up and BSOD.

Here are my minidumps file:

I'm running two nvidia GTX 560Ti, an i7 3370K from Intel and 16GB of RAM.

I only overclock my graphics cards.

I'm also running Windows 8.1 64bits.

Thanks for your help.




The attached DMP file is of the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION (133) bug check.

This bug check indicates that the DPC watchdog executed, either because it detected a single long-running deferred procedure call (DPC), or because the system spent a prolonged time at an interrupt request level (IRQL) of DISPATCH_LEVEL or above.

0: kd> k
Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
fffff800`a5595c58 fffff800`a3577fd2 nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff800`a5595c60 fffff800`a345a81b nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x13e32
fffff800`a5595cf0 fffff800`a345a48c nt!KiUpdateRunTime+0x57
fffff800`a5595d30 fffff800`a35d931c nt!KiUpdateTime+0x63c
fffff800`a5595f10 fffff800`a3b8de5f nt!KeClockInterruptNotify+0x5c
fffff800`a5595f40 fffff800`a349c343 hal!HalpTimerClockInterrupt+0x4f
fffff800`a5595f70 fffff800`a355512a nt!KiCallInterruptServiceRoutine+0xa3
fffff800`a5595fb0 fffff800`a355550f nt!KiInterruptSubDispatchNoLockNoEtw+0xea
fffff800`a55871f0 fffff800`024a196a nt!KiInterruptDispatchLBControl+0x11f
fffff800`a5587380 00000000`00400500 nvlddmkm+0x1f496a
fffff800`a5587388 fffff800`02478b14 0x400500
fffff800`a5587390 00000000`00000000 nvlddmkm+0x1cbb14

nvlddmkm.sys is the nVidia video driver. Your GPU overclocks are unstable, therefore when the system receives a clock interrupt (which appears to be to update the system time), there is a bad response caused by the unstable GPUs regarding DPCs, therefore the bugcheck is called.

Undo your overclocks ASAP & ensure you have the latest video card drivers. If you are already on the latest video card drivers, uninstall and install a version or a few versions behind the latest to ensure it's not a latest driver only issue. If you have already experimented with the latest video card driver and many previous versions, please give the beta driver for your card a try.



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