'Fast Startup' not working after shutdown from 'Start' button

Just installed Windows 8.1 from an RTM ISO (since no ISO files have been made available yet for the public version, but I wanted to set up a clean Win 8.1 system instead of updating). Used Microsoft's KMS key for installation and activated Windows using my existing Win 8 key, so everything is working as it should. I suppose I'm using the final version of Windows 8.1, which is why I'd like to report the following behaviour that confused me for half an hour:

If you shut down the PC using the context menu from the 'Start' button, Windows will *not* do a hybrid shutdown and fast start on next boot. It will do a *full* shutdown and a cold start on next boot.
Contrary to that, when I go with the same method I used on Windows 8, which is, hit ALT+F4 and select 'Shut down', Windows 8.1 *will* do a hybrid shutdown and fast start on next boot.

I'm not sure this behavior is intentional but I can only imagine this is a bug in Windows 8.1 as the 'shut down' option should be concistent and do the same thing on every method you use (context menu, ALT+F4, or from the 'Settings' charm).

Please fix this problem with a Windows update. I'd like to use the context menu to shut down; it's much easier than hitting ALT+F4.

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I installed Windows 8.1 Pro 2 days ago and today i felt that computer power up after shut down was slower than before. I took my stopwatch on my phone and did a restart, then a shutdown from context menu on the start button. Both boot up times were the same and i started to search on google about this issue, that bringing me here.

I can confirm that if you do a shut down from context menu it does a full shutdown and a cold start and if you do a shutdown from charm bar - settings - power - shut down it does a hybrid shutdown. Didn't try the alt+f4 one though.
Same here, I noticed some time ago my PC wasn't doing a full hybrid boot since I upgraded to 8.1.
I'm really hoping this is a bug and not a design flaw, and that it gets fixed pretty soon... It's a bit ridiculous.
I've noticed that when I went to the Charms bar and Shut Down from there my PC would Shut Down and Start up Quickly. Then I started using the Shut Down option from the Menu by right clicking the Start Button and the Shut down was slower and my Start Up time was a Lot Longer !!
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