Acer Iconia w700 slow after installing Windows 8.1

Hey All,

Is anyone else having troubles with Windows 8.1 on their w700? Ever since installing the upgrade my computer has been running _sooo slowww_. 

It chunks all the time. From the task manager I can see that it's the SDD is constantly reading or writing stuff. As far as I can tell, it's only the "system" that is doing it, not any software that I've installed.

Starting up and shutting down is much slower too. When I hit the Acer Power Button in the task bar I have to wait 5-10s for the options to appear. It used to be instantaneous.

The touch screen now stops working when I'm using Chrome too. Huge pain in the butt.


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I got same problem, the entire system went slow and lagging after update to 8.1.

The touch can not continue and break from time to time drag item.

I have a similar problem, after 8.1 upgrade

On ASUS CM6340 desktop with CORE I5 and 10 GIGS RAM

Periodically the task called SYSTEM goes into a controlled compute bound loop at 30%CPU utilization spread over all 4 cores. This results in very sluggish performance. As I try to narrow down the problem I find more and more things that are implicated. I can cause it at will by running Microsoft solitaire collection free cell and sometimes just the Microsoft solitaire umbrella program causes it.

I have also seen it sometimes when accessing a youtube video. Other unknown things seem to cause it.

It always boots without the problem but occurs some time later or as soon as I run freecell.

 I have been searching for other reports via google but have not found anything,

Same happened to me as well. I was hoping that installing newer video drivers would help, but it only helped a little.  Did anyone find anything to help mitigate the slowness?

I've spent quite some time on Google, but can't find anything.

I didn't write this earlier, but the touch screen is much less responsive now too, particularly with the edge swipes.

I can't seem to find a way of going back to Windows 8, so I'm going to reinstall Windows. Has anyone got a better idea?

Thanks for your help. 

I have the exact same problems. The system has become sluggish and unresponsive. I have tried updating any out of date drivers, but nothing helps.

I run Office 365 on it and Outlook behaves erratic.

I have not been able to find any useful remedies to the problem. The Iconia W700 has a SSD drive so reading from disk should be lightning fast and it was on Win 8. I looked in the task manager to see what tasks are clogging the system, but there is nothing that stand out.

I am sincerely hoping a solution is found soon. It's the worst upgrade I have ever applied.

Is there any Microsoft expert advice??

Same problem here, plus the attached mouse is lagging too, especially at disk operations(???)
USB driver, SSD driver, or something else, but something should be updated/fixed
Watch out, W700 owners, there are many driver update on the!
Go for them!
Yeah before 8.1 my w700 was running very smoothly on both balanced and powersaver mode. Now it lags heavily on both....web browsers lag, ive tried them all and the plugged in mouse is slow and unresponsive.

The only fix that has helped me manage to get by this problem is to plug it in, when it is attached to power it doesn't lag at all and runs like it should, hopefully microsoft fix this issue soon!
the updated drivers didn't help much, they got rid of some of the lag but its still not as smooth as it was before 8.1. The desktop applications work fine now, the main issue is the web browser, during loading times..the mouse is extremely slow during this...

same thing happen to is very annoying...and i cant stand that, the tablet is unusble. i am going to reinstall win8....the worst upgrade ever

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