Q: Unknown devices in Device Manager (tap0901)

Hello every one :)

I have a little problem with my computer, especially in the device manager.

1 week ago, I noticed some new devices appearing endlessly when rebooting in the "Network Adapters" section.

These were something like TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and TAP-Win32 Adapter OAS with a number at the end.

I had something like 6 of them.

I looked for this on the Internet, and learned that it was part of a VPN service.

Because I don't want any VPN, I uninstalled these devices, and to prevent them from reappearing, I also deleted the drivers.

Everything was fine when I rebooted, and I was happy.

2 days later, I deleted my account, to create a new one, Administrator this time (because I wanted a new account).

And NOW, I see a LOT of "Unknown devices" under the "Other devices" section, and some in "network adapters", and all of these cannot be deleted :(

When I look in their properties (Hardware ID's) it's written : tap0901 and in other sections, things like 'setupapi.dll -18" or "NetCfgx.dll" or "wlaninst.dll" ...

I joined 2 screenshot...

What is the problem ?

And above all, how to fix this ? :)

I didn't install anything and have already run Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (with heuristics and everything ticked), and they did not detect anything...

Thank you very much !!!! :)

Edit : I just installed OpenVPN, and removed it which allowed me to remove the devices by deleting them under the "other networks".

Still I cannot delete those in "network adapters" :/



Well, there was a service, recreating them on reboot, but a friend of mine (a computing engineer) made some changes in the registry, and cut a folder from system32, to paste it in a Temp folder (i assume some useless drivers and services), and since no devices are getting recreated in the Dev Manager on reboot and I only have 3 instances left of unknown devices, which are disabled :)

So thank you very much, I guess the problem is solved now :)

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