No sound after 8.1 upgrade. IDT high definition audio codec driver will not install on HP computer.

Richard4242 asked on

The IDT high definition audio codec driver doses not work with 8.1 on my HP computer. Talked with HP and they said I will have to wait for the driver update or go back to 8.0.  Tried to install older drivers without any luck.  Also windows update had a IDT 8.1 driver listed but got a error when trying to install it. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution with out a system recovery.

When online with HP chat and they have a driver for 8.1. Sound is back. Don't know why they haven't  listed it.

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Owen Dismuke replied on
Same issue with HP Pavilion HPE. Audio codec worked on 8.1 preview pro just fine. Upgraded to release version and everything breaks. Updated file on Windows Update fails to install every time.

UPDATE: I just uninstalled my driver using Computer Management and attempted to install Audio_Driver_MH6WW_WN_6.10.0.6491_A01.EXE Dell driver (on my HP system)  from here:

The install says it detected an unsupported device and will not continue.
However, immediately following this prompt, I watched the driver get picked up in Computer Management and now all of my audio is working again.

Hopefully this works for someone else as well.

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