Q: Computer get Bluescreen everytime I plug in my mouse~Need help~ :(

I have a windows 8.1...As title mention,i got a mouse,a gaming mourse like this

And then....Cause I use laptop,so everytime need to plug out everythig and bring my laptop to school.....When plug out,nothing happen,but when i plug in back again,appear blue screen, kernel_security_check failure......I check for alot of topic,all not helpfull for me....

Heres my minidump file

Pls help me~~This problem makes me crazy~ :(



Actually, yes it does. That's why the driver is causing a crash.

When you're plugging it in, Windows Update is installing the driver from its servers. Disable Windows Update from auto-downloading and installing drivers -

Afterwards. uninstall the driver software/driver we have now (or rename it from NMgamingms.sys to NMgamingms.old in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory), and then shut down. After shutting down, unplug the mouse, boot up, and then plug it back in. Windows should install the default mouse driver (that won't cause a crash).



Debugger/Reverse Engineer.

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