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Dear everyone!

Is it only me, or is Windows 8.1 still lagging way behind in implementing core features of a desktop computer? The SkyDrive App is finally usable to browse on local hard drive, however... the standard file selector page (for eg. when picking attachments) in the Mail App already has support for selecting files over the network. Why on Earth has this feature not made it into the SkyDrive App? Plus, why does the SkyDrive App have a video player of it's own? The only feature that could justify this is if it would support streaming of videos that are not always available offline. However, if Skydrive is really integrated into the system itself, I'd take it that this feature should transparently be available to all files accessed by any player (or any file actually).

Sorting files using the only stock file browser (SkyDrive App) is really far from being ergonomic. If at least one could open multiple instances of the app (similar as to how the Mail App is capable of opening a particaular mail in a seperate window) and then one could copy between these instances (even more than 2 if one wishes) would greately increase it's usability.

These features either call out for SkyDrive to change it's name to File Explorer (or something similar), or just releasing a seperate app that can be used as a full featured browser.


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I know your post is a bit older, but I'm asking myself the same question now.

I bought a Windows 8.1 Convertible two weeks ago. The first think I searched for in the Modern UI was a basic file explorer. Well.. didn't find one... :)

What's really frustrating is the fact that the functionality is there, in the "Open File" dialogue in the Videos app for example, or as you said in the Mail app. But the closest substitute for a simple explorer, the OneDrive app, lacks some functionalities, e.g. network locations.

So in conclusion there is no file explorer in the modern UI. Instead third parties are selling dozens of them in the app store.




I just don't bother with it. the desktop file explorer works fine on touch devices and it has decades of feature development. the touch version will always be a watered down version.

Well you're right. Just tried it, works great!

But what's the point then in having the Modern UI anyways?

Shouldn't the modern version be the sci-fi future?

I tried to give it a chance, and I indeed liked the experience. Sitting on the couch and swishing through videos and apps. Standing up, going to the balcony or whatever and being independent of mouse and keyboard, and still having a work-able device I can plug my mouse in when I need it. But of course that's irrelevant when I can't access my files collection and folder structure, well even more than that, my whole infrastructure (NAS, home network...) I grew fond of.

So the modern version couldn't do without the proper Desktop behind it. It's just a pity that it has to fail because of such simple reasons.

Well ok, it hasn't failed.. I still can buy a file explorer in the app store, ...but come on Microsoft...? ;)