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AMD switchable graphics on Windows 8

luklap asked on

I've installed MSDNAA version of Windows 8 on Acer 3820TG, but 2 things don't work properly:
1: I can't enable switchable graphics (drivers from amd.com don't even start installing, i click on file and nothing happens)
2: Battery life is very poor. 2-3 hours instead of 6-7hrs on Win7.

Plz help.
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The Problem arent the generic Drivers in general (win8 can detect and install current driverset). Win8 cant "start" the graphiccard and allways uses the onboard Intel graphic cards instead of starting BOTH gpus build in.

Those are not likely the best drivers for the system (the ones that get 'detected and installed') - as Windows 8 (7, Vista, XP, and so on) and Mac OS X (and before it) and Linux (whatever flavor) des not support the hardware directly.  Either the manufacturer gives them drivers and they include them with the release or via some mechanism built into the system in their update procedures for the first time installation or some drivers that just happen to work somewhat are detected and installed.

In the end - if you want complete support in any operating system for any piece of hardware - you wither go to the manufacturer of the product in question or... well - 99%of the time that is your only choice.

If your computer (your HP Pavilion DV7) is not shown as compatible under Windows 7 by HP - then you are going to have to speak with HP.

Shenan Stanley
MVP 2005-2011 & 2013-2015
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