Xbox one controller causing FPS lag

My issue is exactly as stated by many others in this locked, unanswered thread:

When the xbox One controller is connected via bluetooth, some games experience severe FPS lag, especially when the connection between the controller and bluetooth receiver is blocked by something physical.

Please fix this, rather than just locking threads with no response.

Edit: I found a workaround while we wait for Microsoft not to respond!


Huh. I'm happy to say I found a workaround myself. Here's an example of how to fix this for Trials Fusion, which is notorious for exhibiting this issue. It seems when games use the default microsoft driver/configuration, on a bluetooth-connected xbox one controller, there is major FPS lag. This can be tested by holding the controller behind your back and seeing the FPS drop significantly. However, using Steam's driver/config and adding the game as a non-steam product allows it to work. Bizarre.

The fix:

1. Install Steam

2. Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings

3. Check "xbox configuration support"

4. Games > Add a non-steam game to my library

5. Click Browse

5. Browse to your UPlay folder and select the Trials Fusion executable

6. Run the game from within Steam. Hold the controller behind your back. It runs at a solid framerate!

Hey Microsoft - could you please fix this issue natively? And not just leave us out in the cold to fend for ourselves?

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