How to make Win10 run DirectX 9.0

3 days ago I moved my PC over from Win7 to Win10.  I used the "Install nothing" option as a way of cleaning up my hard disc.

I then installed my DVD version of Flight Simulator X.  During the install all I saw was a black screen which is most unusual (I normally see images of FSX aeroplanes).  When I tried to run FSX all I see is a black screen and a message saying FSX needs DirectX 9.

I have checked DxDiag and see I have v11.2.  I have downloaded Dx9 from the MS website but when I try to install Dx9 I see a message saying Dx9 will only run with Windows XP to 8.1.

Is there any way to enable FSX (and similar programmes which require DX9 ) to run?

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[EDIT: Another post has brought to my attention that the link for the
DX Web Installer has been changed.

I had thought the Web Installer had been made redundant as the old link was redirected to the Win10download page (brilliant move MS). I was then reminded how the Web Installer page used the phrase DX9.0c and 'previous', when in fact is will

install any 'missing' DX file including 10 & 11 (another go figure moment :D ).

Note that the Web Installer does not overwrite existing files, so it does not repair corrupt files. ]


Oops - The first time in a couple of weeks that I didn't include instructions...

- When the DX installer asks where to install the files to, you choose any folder you like,
but I generally have it unpack (DirectX does not actually get installed at this point. The files are only

'unpacked' ) the files to a folder on my desktop, because this folder can be deleted after the final install is done.

- Once the files are unpacked to this folder you open the folder and locate

Run  this installer to finalise  the  DirectX re-installation.- When the installer is finished you can delete this folder.

- If any files were absent, or corrupt, reinstalling DirectX would fix the issue (MS had another tool until recentlycalled the DirectX Web Installer that installed any 'missing' files, but it did not fix corrupt files as does the full installer).

- Reinstalling DX was only a precaution should the DX9 file the game needs is corrupt.

Note that Windows errors are often misleading. Windows often does not know Arthur from Martha, andspits out whatever it thinks is a close second.

"... but I have a nasty feeling the latest version of Win10 is not Dx9 friendly."

We can assure you that DX9, 10 and 11 are completely different, and do not conflict with one another.

Win10 is DX9 friendly. I have over 150 games installed that, between them, use every version of DirextX(including DX8, for which there is only one file), and all but one run on Win10.btw - CFS2 runs fine on Win10, but I do have to use a noCD fix because of this DRM blocking malware.

- Each game uses a specific DX file, or files (why I listed how many there are),  eg - d3dx9_32.
A newer game may use two DX files eg- d3dx9_42 and d3dx10_42.

This allows people with older hardware to play the newer games, as graphics cards are limited to

which DX version they could process (The upper limit a card is built for. DX9 cannot process DX10, but a card
built for DX10 can process DX9).

- However in the past couple of years some games have not been allowing for DX9, and more recently there

have been a couple of games that are DX11 only.

- As I pointed out previously, Win10 has and is capable of using all versions of DirectX from DX9 and up.

Windows XP was limited to  DX9 ( plus DX7 & 8).DX10 was introduced with Vista . DX 11 was introduced with Win7.- The new kid on the block is DX12, which is exclusive to Win10.- Games that used DX7 and 8 are murky territory. Many will run on OS's newer than XP, but may require fixes/tweaks.

- You have not mentioned your system specifications, but if I had to guess, it would be a laptop that is only

marginally compatible with Win10. 

A lot of people with laptops, or desktops with older 'integrated' graphics, and some with older dedicated graphics cards have been seduced into trying Win10 ('free') when their hardware does not have Win10 specific graphics drivers.

This may be fine if only viewing video, but is not going to work well with games.


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