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Leela Krishna Sai asked on
I can`t install DirectPlay .
When I tried to play Game in windows 10 it asked to install DirectPlay feature. I`ve  clicked on 'install this feature' it went on searching for a few seconds & then showed an error 0x800FFFF. Every  time I try same happening....
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philippeguerra replied on

This answer is not helpfull at all.

I have the same problem meaning I can't play a game (Age of Empires III) on my pc because now Windows 10 has decided that some features were "deprecated" and obsolete.

Basically you're telling us no solution at all to be able to keep playing a game that in my case was running just fine in windows 7. You're only redirecting us through other pages.

"When writing new applications, you should avoid using these deprecated components. When modifying existing applications, you are strongly encouraged to remove any dependency on these components."

I am not a developper....I am something you really should considerate better. I am simple USER. And as USER  I am VERY disappointed by this Windows 10 that you (I mean Microsoft) were constantly telling me to install...I actually finally did to stop being arrassed by these messages. Well, I am really not convinced at all of the beauty of windows 10.... slower, unstable, and making me loose my time around technical questions. (like many others I had issues with loss files in the update process...).

For the 1st time in my 43 years life, I am really considering Apple may be a good choice after all....thanks Windows 10.

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