Changing your profile picture on the Xbox App

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This article will outline, step by step, how to change your profile picture on the Xbox App, for use on Xbox Live. It will walk you though the Xbox App, and even adding your own custom images as profile picture. Profile pictures will need to be 1080x1080 Pixels

If you wish to learn how to change your profile picture on the Xbox Console, please see this article here:  How to change your Xbox One gamerpic

Please be aware that you need to:

  1. Be at least 18 or over to have a custom profile picture,
  2. Comply with the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use for Xbox and for Microsoft


You can change your Xbox Gamer picture through the Xbox App on your computer/device and from the phone. How? The recent update, the creators update, on Windows 10 is how. This update was for improvements to Windows 10, for both gamers and other users.

To change the gamer picture, you will first need to open the Xbox App from the start menu on your Device.

Once it opens, you will come to the Activity feed as shown here,

When you come to this page, you will need to click onto your gamerpic at the top left hand corner, as shown in the image below

Once you click onto your profile picture (Found in the red box in the image above), it will take you to your profile page where you can see your profile and activity and friends. You will also be able to see a bunch of other options as well, like edit profile and appear online/offline.

You will need to select onto Customize.  Once you click onto customize, it will allow you to edit the fields on your profile - including your avatar and gamerpic. For help finding the customize button, please take a look at the screen print below,


When you have clicked onto Customize, you will then need to select the option to switch to gamerpic on your profile, before you can change your gamerpic. This option is underneath your Avatar, as seen below

Once this option is selected, it will display your gamerpic. At first, it will be a default one, which Xbox has uploaded themselves, and it may be a random one from their bunch of pics. To change them, you will need to hover into the centre of the gamerpic so it says "change gamerpic"

Once you click onto edit, then a pop up window will appear within the app. This is where you can select other default images as profile pics or you can upload your own. The option to upload your own will display at the top of the pop up window, as seen in the image underneath,

Once you click onto this option, then you can select an image to upload as your gamerpic.


Please note:

All images and content on Xbox Live, and on the Microsoft services have to comply with the Xbox Code of Conduct and Terms of Use and the Microsoft Service Agreement. Any images/content that violate these rules will be subjected to Enforcement Action against you. This could result in the image been removed or the Account suspended/banned.

You also have to be above the age of 18.


Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you with changing your gamerpic on the Xbox App. If you have suggestions for this article, please use the suggest edits option under my article.


Article updated: Tuesday 12th February 2019 


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Ive always been changing my prifile pic on the xbox app but now when i press customise profile picture it says some like ,you can not access this content because of your recent behaviour .Is this a fualt or did someone report me ? because i havent done anything wrong

I've been trying to change my Xbox gamerpic for a few days now and it keep going back to the ones you can select, that's provided by Microsoft.

I'm using the Xbox app on my Galaxy S7.

Hey there, Jamalosho

Welcome to the Microsoft Community forums. 

Sorry I missed your message to my article. Please can you tell me if your still needing help and I will do my best to help you further with this?


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Hey there, Morgan 。◕‿◕。Moonscar

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Sorry I have missed your message to my article. Please can you tell me if you are still wanting help, and I will do my best to help you with uploading a new picture as a profile picture on Xbox. 


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The feature to customize my profile picture on the xbox app is gone. I tried to uninstall and install the app to fix it, but it doesn't show up. 

My phone is the galaxy s8 

I'm also trying to change my profile picture, but I don't get that option.

I'm over 18, I've already complied with the EULA and ToS, but I don't get that option on the PC's Xbox App.

And if I go to the official website, I don't see the option to customize it, either