Windows 10 DVD Player Scam?

A few days ago, I posted an inquiry regarding the Windows 10 update, #KB3081704, for the installation of the Windows 10 dvd player that I did not receive following an upgrade from Windows 7. The initial response to my inquiry was limited, and I tried to follow some limited recommendations to resolve the problem. I had no success. So I waited a couple of days. Still did not receive the update nor any other recommendations.

Even though I am supposed to receive the subject dvd player app for free, I got tired of waiting for it. Just wanted to get the install issue behind me, and move on!!! So I went to the windows store and purchased the app for $14.99 plus tax. The windows store took my fee without any problem, and reported the install of the dvd app. Tried to utilize the app. and play a dvd. DOES NOT WORK!!!! What is going with this total nonsense and Windows 10? Originally, I did not want Windows 10 and my laptop was attacked daily with attempted windows update to convert to Windows 10. So, I converted. I have had nothing but problems since then!!!

And what happened to live chat support today??? They cannot be accessed in any shape or form today!!! Do they still exist and how can they be contacted??? If anyone from Microsoft is looking at these postings, I would ask for a response. Absent a response, I am really going to feel that you folks rolled out Windows 10 too early or are running some type of fee scam on the dvd player app.


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Update on my earlier dvd player post. After a couple of hours of struggling to get ahold of customer support, I was able to connect with them. Spent a couple of hours with them and they were unable to facilitate the repair of the subject dvd player app as purchased earlier today from the windows store. No logical reason could be offered as to why it could not be fixed. Upon further discussion with the tech support rep, it was not clear why Windows 10  did not properly interface with the discussed dvd player app. All drivers were cleanly installed and software up to date. Trouble shooting scan did not indicate any problem. HOWEVER, THE DVD PLAYER APP DOES NOT WORK, AND THERE IS NO EXPLANATION. Subsequently, I requested/received a confirm for a refund of my app purchase price. Although I am happy to receive a refund, I am not happy with Microsoft with all of the hours vested this week in trying to resolve this matter. Researching this matter more, I don't appear to be the only person out there with this problem. What upsets me is that Microsoft appears to be aware of the problem, ie shortcoming in Window 10 interface re: this app and/or selling an app that does not work properly. SKIP ALL THE FRUSTRATION AND NONSENSE, AND INSTALL VLC MEDIA PLAYER. YOU CAN FIND IT EASILY ONLINE, AND IT IS AN EASY, CLEAN INSTALL. THE APP IS FOR FREE, AND DOES A VERY NICE JOB OF PLAYING DVDS. I CAME ACROSS IT WHILE RESEARCHING THIS MATTER. I WISH THAT I HAD KNOWN ABOUT IT EARLIER!!! IT WOULD HAVE SAVED ME A LOT OF TIME. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE ELSE.

Sir, I have had some of the same problems you have.  I hate Windows 10!  Microsoft is really falling behind. I am seriously considering buying a Apple. They are the rising star right now and Microsoft seems not to care.  I am so tired of dealing with the shortcomings of this Windows 10 program. Why did they put this out with all the problems and no fixes? I just purchased this laptop 1 month before I was blasted with "Install Windows 10" ads. I too installed it and immediately I hated it.  Do you think Microsoft cares?!  Lets just see!!