Reliability update is available for Windows DVD player apps

Updated 3/20/17:

Microsoft has released a Windows 10 update (KB4015438) that includes a quality improvement to address an issue with the Windows DVD player apps.

To verify the installation:

Click Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and then Check for Updates.  If the update is not offered, click the Update history link, as it might already be installed.

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I purchased the DVD player yesterday and also am having problems with it. It will not launch successfully, opens for a moment, then disappears.
I purchased back in January and up until now it has worked fine, but yesterday when I tried to bring it up it flashed like  it was going to start and then just shut down. Please help. 
Same exact thing is happening to mine...what is up Microsoft?
I'm passing on the same problem.

My DVD player has been working fine.  Then, yesterday afternoon, Microsoft did an automatic update to my PC.

Ever since that update, the DVD player will just flash on for half a second and then disappear.  Just as the others are saying.  I can no longer play any movies!!

Because of the timing of the update, I am sure that it is yesterday's update that caused the problem.

If you need to know exactly which updates were done to my PC, let me know.

I found that uninstalling KB4013429 restores all video playback. I hide this update for now, maybe MS will find a solution.
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Ditto problem. I used the DVD player app last Sunday and it was working fine. Today it flashes with a "Loading" sign spinning for a half a second and then disappears.
My DVD Player used to work fine up to one day ago, but in connection with the latest update 15th March. The DVD Player starts as usual and then breaks off after two seconds.

Until this is resolved you can install the highly regarded free  VLC media player, the Open Source video framework.

More here about this and other options:  How to play DVDs in Windows 10 for free | PCWorld

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I purchased the dvd player 03/14/2017 and today it wont work

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* Please try a lower page number.

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